Meet Lina


Developer at Unifaun Stockholm

Lina is certain she chose the right profession. She has always been a creative person, painted, sewed and created things and believes working as a Developer is a bit of a creative craft. Or like solving a crossword or a Sudoku.

After growing up in Borlänge, she studied maths, data and anthropology in Uppsala. She then worked as an administrator for a few years. It was at that time, when she saw how happy she got by creating tools between Excel and SAP, that she realized she would probably make a good developer.

Lina loves spending time with her family. But also to read, to create in different ways and to watch the Brittish Science Fiction show ”Dr Who”.

What does a day look like for you at Unifaun?

-When I get in I go through the day’s job. At 9:30 we have a stand-up meeting every day where everyone in our team run through their job for the day and if we see any obstacles. After that I spend the rest of the day developing, by myself or in pair. I´m part of the team TS Code that work with the Carriers´ services in our system. If they want to add a function, want to send a booking a specific way, etc. Everything that is not configurable.

What do you like best about your job?

-I like discussing and solving problems with other people. To find good solutions for the tasks we get. We work a lot together in our team and discuss solutions and ways forward. We help each other a great deal and we have a lot of fun. 

What inspires you?

-New knowledge and everyday living joy. I learn something new every day here, that inspires me.

What is your favourite benefit at Unifaun?

-The team rooms and offices! That we don´t have an open office but that every team has its own room. You sit with the ones you work with so you are never alone but neither with too many people.

Tell us about a special talent you have?

-I build Lego. Not with my son of 10 years but I have my own Lego that I try different building techniques and other things with. It´s a lot of fun. Sometimes I do a whole kit but most often I build freely.