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December 18, 2013
3 minutes

4PL-actor Express Delivery Sweden streamline with Memnon Apport

The entire world, one phone call away. That is the promise of the 4PL-actor Express Delivery Sweden.

With founder and management with one foot still at the university, Express Delivery is a young company and describes themselves as somewhat of an underdog on the market. Through them, companies can book their shipments without having to contact any carrier. The goal is to provide the customer with one single contact for all transport needs, regardless if it concerns express deliveries or regular deliveries. What differs Express Delivery from others on the market is a clear focus upon flexibility and fast adaptations. That means a lot of shipments and several agreements with different carriers in order to find the ideal solution for each customer. As the company grows Express Delivery has now had the need to streamline their workflows and handle their transport booking and administration in a more efficient way. Instead of communicating with each carrier separately they have now therefore gathered all their transport administration in the TA-system Memnon Apport.

“With Memnon Apport we have access to many carriers in one system. That simplifies a great deal for us. The implementation is strategically important and supports our mission to be the natural choice in the carrier market.” says Fredrik Edeland, CEO of Express Delivery.

Memnon Apport is integrated into Express Delivery’s own system and thus streamlines the workflows radically at the same time as it gives a professional impression towards the customer. Express Delivery will also be using automatic notifications that notify the customer when important events happen to their shipment, using a company branded notification e-mail. This is done as another step in further enhancing the professional impression. Shortly, integration between Express Delivery’s internal ERP-system and Memnon Apport can further streamline the booking and administration of all shipments.

Petteri Junttilla is the responsible party at Memnon Networks and says:

“Express Delivery is a relatively new company that has already entered the market and is expanding their business. With Memnon Apport they can now work more efficient and offer even better service to their customers. It is going to be very exciting to follow them and their development ahead.”

For more information, please contact:
Petteri Junttila, Sales – Memnon Networks
Phone: +46 70 491 80 02

Fredrik Edeland, CEO – Express Delivery Sweden
Phone: +46 10 330 30 90

Express Delivery Sweden offers both domestic and international transport services of high quality. The company has great focus upon fast and clear answers to their customers. It should be easy to work with Express Delivery Sweden and in addition to efficient communication, the company also strives towards being flexible and quickly adapt to changes in the market or the customer needs.

Memnon Networks offers innovative e-solutions that simplify the users’ transport management, reduce costs and increase the quality of business processes. Memnon Apport is Scandinavia’s leading system for transport management and is now used in 75 countries. Every day, more than 100,000 customers enter more than 300,000 packages in Memnon Apport.