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February 21, 2013
3 minutes

6 highlights from 2012

2012 has been an exciting year for Memnon Networks and our different TA-systems. During the year we have hade the privilege of continued trust from our existing customers as well as gaining some thousand new cusotomers. We are continously working hard to maintain our position as the leading TA-system supplier and the year of 2012 was no exception. Therefore we would like to share some of the highlights from the past year.

1) Bigger than ever

We have never had as many users, and never had as many new customers as during 2012. Our solutions has handled a record number of shipments and we are proud to say that our TA-systems has saved more time and money than ever for our users.

2) Major advancement within parcel and ecommerce

A combination of a strong underlying growth in the market and innovative solutions made Memnon Networks increase our volumes within parcels, and foremost within ecommerce, during 2012. Amongst our larger ecommerce clients are Junkyard and Axstores. Through ready-to-use connections to several prominent web platforms we have now got over 1000 ecommerce customer. This is something we are very proud of.

3) Merger of freight documents to a single document

Many companies, especially within ecommerce, pack their parcels with several differnt documents. Some of these are delivery note, return label, advertisements, reciept or invoice. This process runs risk of taking time and a mistake is easily made. Memnon Networks has therefore, as the first TA-supplier, created the possibility to gather these documents to one single document. In addition to this there is a possibility to use space on the document for communication adapted to the specific customer.

4) Large demand for Inbound

A clear trend during 2012 was that companies came to Memnon Networks to gain control of their inbound shipments. During the previous years many companies have been working intensively with optimizing their outbound shipments, but during the year 2012 we have seen that more and more now are ready to start working on their inbound shipments. The Inbound module of Memnon Networks has helped over 20 customers during the year to gain cost reductions and better visiblity in their supply chain. Among our Inbound customers are Scania, DeLaval, Cargotec, Autoliv and Camfil.

5) Continued international expansion

The interest for Memnon Networks’ solutions has continued to grow considerably both in the nordic region as well as in the rest of Europe. Memnon Networks solutions are now used in over 75 countries and during 2012 we have furthermore established a finnish office in Vantaa, Helsinki.

6) New hosting partner to enable growth

The production environment of Memnon Networks was moved in November 2012 from TeliaSonera to Basefarm, who are one of the leading suppliers of operational services for business critical internet applications. The move is a part of Memnon Networks continous investment in catering for existing and new customers’ need for a fast and efficient service without operational disturbances.

Memnon Networks offers innovative e-solutions that simplify the users’ transport management, reduce costs and increase the quality of business processes. Memnon Apport is Nordics’ leading system for transport management and is now used in 75 countries. Every day, more than 100,000 customers use Memnon Apport booking and administering more than 300,000 packages.