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February 4, 2016
5 minutes

A digital leap for Finnish logistics with the co-operation of Unifaun and Posti


E-commerce in Finland has grown during the past five years with 20 % raising the e-commerce consumption in 2014 to € 10.5 billion. The requirements for transport services have grown with the modernization of business processes.

Some examples of the modernization and digitalization of Finnish logistics is the renewal of the freight documents for domestic goods (SFS 5865) and adapting them to electronic data interchange (EDI). Further on, the freight documents have now individual numbering and these updates together have driven the digitalization of Finnish transport services onward. With the help of standardized EDI messages and standardized parcel labels the electronic data of the shipments are now transferred automatically. As such, electronic data and digitalized working methods are key factors in today’s logistics.

Posti is renewing their services for their 200 000 business customers during several phases in 2016. The renewal process includes the service selection, self-service and ordering channels – the renewals are based on the needs and requirements of Posti’s customers. One of the targets of the renewals is the shift from multiple order channels to a single order channel that includes all the package and freight services.

”Digitalization affects both Posti’s and their customers’ processes. Posti wants to offer their customers a better everyday life by developing the technical aspects of the services that the customers appreciate. We will use one and the same SaaS-service for ordering package and parcel services, for sending pre-information and for the creation and printing of freight documents. The system, a transport management system, is known to the Finnish customers and to the customers of Posti. The system will be called “Posti SmartShip”, says Sami Masala, the director of web services at Posti.

Out of several European system suppliers Posti chose a partner that would offer Posti and their clients a unique solution. The chosen partner is the TM supplier Unifaun. Unifaun has delivered many innovative and high quality transport management solutions in several countries, where the user experience for carriers as well as shippers is at a first class level.

Unifaun has delivered market leading transport management solutions in Sweden since the 1990’s and has in recent years grown internationally. The company has now grown to become the leading actor in Northern Europe for carriers as well as for shippers. Unifaun delivers transport management systems to PostNord, DSV, Bring, Geodis Wilson, DB Schenker and DHL. The transport management solutions have been proven to improve the logistics processes for both carriers and their clients.

”We have co-operated with Posti since 2010 with an order channel for freight services and with this extended cooperation we will now significantly raise the digitalization of the Finnish transport industry. A new channel for all of Posti’s package and parcel services is a big step forward in our co-operation to simplify the life of Posti’s customers and improve the customer experience. At the same time Posti will be able to have more effective processes, as the new ordering channel will combine the multiple needs and requirements of a heterogeneous customer group. The fact that Posti chose Unifaun as their partner is a proof of the strength of our technology and our knowledgeable and engaged personnel. We are really looking forward to developing the transport markets together with Posti and Posti SmartShip”, says Kim Friman, the Country Manager of Unifaun in Finland.

Unifaun, one of the largest transport management system suppliers in Europe, whose systems are used in 74 countries, brought transport management systems to Finland in 2009. Unifaun has been a pioneer and developed an ecosystem of carriers and shippers, thus, increasing the competitiveness of Finnish companies. The cooperation with Posti will strengthen and grow Unifaun’s ecosystem and Posti will be able to provide an even more diverse system to their clients. One of Posti’s key focuses is the customer experience and with a unified order channel Posti will now be able to provide an even better customer experience.

”We believe that Unifaun knows the needs of Finnish customers as they have developed TM-services for their needs during a long time. Continuous development, innovation and determined development of the customer experience will enable a good cooperation. This is a really good place to continue from”, says Masala.

For more information, please contact:
Kim Friman, Country Manager Finland – Unifaun
Phone. +358400 776674

Posti MediaDesk,
Phone. +358 20 452 3366 (Mon-Fri 9.00-16.30)

Posti Group is your first choice for postal services, logistics and e-commerce. We take care of business and everyday operations in nine countries. Our revenue in 2014 was €1 859 billion. Our 23 000 professionals serve our clients in Finland under the brand of Posti and in other countries as Itella. All our services in Finland are carbon neutral.

Unifaun is the leading actor within Transport Management systems in the Nordic region. With over 20 years of experience we provide innovative and high quality TM-systems. Each day over 800 000 shipments are processed through our systems by 100 000 different companies. Unifaun has approximately 130 employees in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Poland.