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April 16, 2020
3 minutes

Alen Ramic



Alen really believes in stepping out of his comfort zone sometimes. To take a step in an unknown direction, get in the car and drive without a plan. That makes him feel that he´s alive. In 2002 he quit his job in Piteå, took everything he owned and moved to Gothenburg without any idea of what to do there. He had heard that the people in Gothenburg were so nice and luckily it turned out to be true so Alen has stayed ever since.

Alen is one of the people that has been with Unifaun the longest and has had a great career in the company. He started as a support agent/IT technician in 2007. A few years later he became responsible for larger customer implementations and was made IT manager. The next step was to handle carrier accounts followed by the position as Technical Project Manager (TPM) where he, among many things, handled the implementation of Posti Smartship. The latest step has been to take on the role as Product Owner.

When not at Unifaun, Alen likes to keep active. Living in a house with his girlfriend and their rescued cat “Lucky”, he enjoys taking care of the home and garden when not travelling or taking classes of interest. They have for example taking a salsa course, carpentry class and last year they learnt civil defense. Next up is a French class.

What is your job at Unifaun?

-I´m a Product Owner for Unifaun Online. We are three product owners and have divided the work in three parts; the platform, the carriers and the integrations, so we get to focus on one part each.

What do you like best about your job?

-I like to be where things happen. There´s a lot happening right now and it´s fun to be the first with the latest. I also appreciate that the paths do a decision is short here. I get to be part in the decision making.

What inspires you?

-People who think differently. It´s so easy to keep thinking the same way you always have and not take the time to lift your view. I like people that reinvent themselves.

What is your favourite benefit at Unifaun?

-The breakfast. Since I take my bike to work I shower here, eat breakfast and then I´m good to go. I meet my colleagues in the kitchen and have time to chat with them for a while. That´s a great thing, not just practical but there are many benefits coming with that.

Tell us about a special talent you have.

-I´m a good listener. For better or worse. People like to talk to me. I always try to keep an objective view on what people tell me.