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September 15, 2020
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Analytics eCom – New analysis tool custom-designed for e-commerce

A big part of running an e-commerce business is handling deliveries and returns. To enhance overview of these areas and bring new insights, Unifaun has developed a new and powerful tool called Analytics eCom. Based on Qlik Sense technology, Analytics eCom was created to help e-retailers visualize their delivery data. With intuitive and interactive detailed diagrams, Analytics eCom gives e-commerce businesses all new insights.

Unifaun already offers the “Unifaun Analytics” tool to help large companies and industries keep better track of their logistics data. The tool is used to look over costs, view statistics on shipments, compare the punctuality of carriers, and much more.

In response to the huge interest in Unifaun Analytics, Unifaun has now decided to also offer a variant of Analytics customized for e-commerce enterprises. Analytics eCom is designed to give e-retailers a comprehensive overview of all deliveries and returns using data taken directly from their Unifaun Online account. This allows all flows to be visualized in real time.

“We’re very pleased to be able to offer our popular analytics tool to e-retailers. Along with Unifaun Online, Unifaun DeliveryCheckout and the Mina Paket app, Unifaun now has a comprehensive package of tools for e-commerce businesses that, both together and individually, provide clear competitive advantages. Analytics eCom will help e-retailers gain full control over their deliveries, see which areas can be improved, and ultimately enhance the delivery experience for their customers.” Mats Fischerström, Product Manager E-Commerce Solutions, Unifaun

Analytics eCom offers endless visualizations and analyses. Users can calculate lead times on deliveries, see how well delivery promises are kept, export data for further analysis, measure flows, gain full visibility over all shipments, easily delve into individual deliveries and statuses to see where improvement potential exists, and much more – all seamlessly integrated with their Unifaun Online account.

Developed for large to mid-sized e-commerce businesses.



Mats Fischerström
Product Manager E-Commerce Solutions Unifaun



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