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January 18, 2013
5 minutes has created an efficient flow in its webshop from order to delivery

In 2006, Marcus and Linn Tagesson got the idea to start a webshop, but weren’t sure in the beginning what they were going to sell. They first considered CDs and DVDs, but since the market was already quite saturated, they changed their focus and came up with the concept of clothing for babies and children. The e-commerce market for children’s clothing was at that time rather unexplored and success was guaranteed. The baby shop doubled its turnover every year from its start in 2006. Today they have 10 full-time employees and an annual turnover of about 27 million. They get in between 100-300 orders every day. But there are other factors behind the baby shop’s success.

“We were very careful when we chose which e-commerce platform we would build our shop on. After a thorough evaluation, we decided on Panagora’s e-shop platform, EDGE. Partly because it was a young company, so we developed a great personal relationship with them. But also because they’re really good at combining an efficient technical solution with a user-friendly, stylish design. The platform is also easy to integrate with other IT systems like the business system BEX and the TA system Pacsoft Online for streamlining our order flow,” says Marcus TA, CEO of

Automation via integration
Marcus and Linn have discovered an effective order management flow for their e-shop. From the moment an order comes in, it just takes a few minutes before the information is automatically sent via integration to the online-based business system, BEX. There, the orders are processed and approved. Then the inventory records are automatically updated and the merchandise packaged. Once they have 20 or so orders ready, they print out the labels and shipping documents by pushing the print button in the business system. It’s as easy as that! Through integration between the TA system Pacsoft Online and the business system BEX, they can print out shipping documents, labels and send EDI to the postal service without even needing to log in to Pacsoft Online. Printing via Pacsoft Online also generates a tracking number to the business system, which in turn automatically sends an email to the customer so that they can follow and track their package.

“It’s all about finding the bits in the company that can be automated in order to be able to grow like we’ve done. The integration between the business system BEX Online and the TA system Pacsoft Online is extremely valuable because it’s improved efficiency and saved us a lot of time,” continues Marcus Tageson.

Today, sells products to over 40 countries and the site is available in Swedish, English, Finnish and Danish, and as a mobile site. In 2011, they were named e-Retailer of the Year and have received attention in newspapers like Dagens Industri, Aftonbladet, DN, Elle, Damernas Värld, Mama, and Föräldrar & Barn, as well as from lots of mom bloggers around the country. has become an obvious choice for many parents aiming to supplement their children’s wardrobes with the latest from the children’s fashion world. Read more about Babyshop at

Facts Panagora:
Panagora is a company with experience in e-commerce since 2001. Today, they build custom-designed shop concepts for retailers primarily in the fashion, confection and beauty care sectors.They have their own platform, Panagora EDGE, which is tailored to customer needs and sales-focused regardless of channel.With total free rein when it comes to design and content, customers have every chance to create and increase their sales.Read more about Panagora

Facts Pacsoft Online:
Pacsoft Online is Sweden’s most widely used system for the production of transport records, goods tracking and EDI communication.Pacsoft Online was developed by the Swedish postal service, Posten, by Unifaun AB, one of the foremost experts in the Nordic region in providing IT solutions for information logistics to facilitate the handling of letters, packages and goods.Unifaun has complete integrations between TA systems, Unifaun Online and Pacsoft Online and the leading suppliers of stock management systems, business systems and e-commerce platforms.With a flow of over 300,000 shipments a day through the central systems and an accessibility of over 99.98 per cent, Unifaun is one of the most important relationships carriers and transport purchasers have.Learn more about

Facts Perfect IT BEX AB:
Perfect IT BEX AB is a software development company specializing in web-based solutions for commerce and financial management under its own brand, BeX. BeX® Online is a modern web-based business system/ordering system. Reliable and convenient with no local installation needed. Number of users, companies and shops can be increased without limit. BeX® Online contains orders, stock, invoicing, purchasing and finance. Stock management works with genuine FIFO and can handle an infinite number of warehouses. The modern interface makes it easy to connect physical shops, e-commerce shops, mobile devices, etc. Read more about BEX Online: