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October 13, 2020
3 minutes

Bread & Boxers has improved the customer shopping experience by using Unifaun DeliveryCheckout!

Bread & Boxers, the online retailer selling underwear in classic stylish Swedish design, is now up and running and using Unifaun’s DeliveryCheckout solution for its delivery options. This means that customers can choose between a number of different shipping and delivery options directly at the checkout, depending on where they live. This has enhanced not just the experience, but also the conversion rate.

Bread & Boxers is a customer of Storex, which is a 3PL company. This means that Storex handles the stock, ensuring that all orders are sent out on time, and receives and manages any returns. Bread & Boxers uses the e-commerce platform from Jetshop Commerce. In order to enhance the customer shopping experience, the idea was to offer more choice when it came to deliveries. This called for a system that was relatively uncomplicated and that could be integrated with both the Jetshop Commerce e-commerce platform and the Storex 3PL warehouse. The choice fell on Unifaun’s DeliveryCheckout solution, which is now integrated into the checkout. It is a simple set-up, in which Storex receives the shipping information via DeliveryCheckout, simply prints out the shipping labels via the Unifaun Online delivery management system, then labels the packages before sending them out.

This means that Bread & Boxers only needed to purchase the delivery selector, allowing simple administration and individualized choices for appearance and available delivery options. In turn, Storex uses the Unifaun Online delivery management system, providing Bread & Boxers with a profile login.

“At Unifaun, we’re very happy that Bread & Boxers has now chosen to implement our Unifaun DeliveryCheckout solution at its checkout. It’s great to think that our solution is such a strong individual product that you can still implement and use it even if you use 3PL”, says Erik Meyer, Regional Sales Manager at Unifaun.

“At Bread & Boxers, our keywords are simplicity, comfort and functionality. We want this message to reach our customers via our webshop too. Using Unifaun’s DeliveryCheckout solution has given us an even simpler and more attractive checkout, where customers can now choose how to get their products delivered. We can also see that it has increased the conversion rate”, says Fredrik Olsson, Head of E-commerce at Bread & Boxers.

Bread & Boxers has been selling its products online and in selected stores throughout Europe, Asia and the United States since 2011. For more information contact:

Erik Meyer
Regional Sales Manager
+46 (0)732-01 78 28

Bread & Boxers:
Fredrik Olsson
Head of E-commerce
+46 (0)73 53 12938


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