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February 18, 2019
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Budbee and Unifaun raise the logistics bar

Last mile transportation serviceBudn´be and Unifaun raise the logistics bars arrive in Helsinki

Budbee is a technology company offering modern, last mile logistics services for e-commerce businesses. Since 2016, Budbee has worked to build a customer-centric logistics service, and today, they offer services to almost 6 million people in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsinki, and Copenhagen.

Last mile customer delivery service with Budbee Logtech

Budbee’s last mile delivery service, called Logtech, is especially designed for shops that want to offer their customers the best end-to-end service and delivery experience. Budbee believes that the delivery process has an important impact on the customer’s overall online shopping experience, and, ultimately, on e-commerce success.

With Logtech, Budbee offers businesses a fast and easy customer delivery service – almost one third of Budbee users have rated their service experience at an average of 4,9 out of 5,0.

Budbee has set high goals for the future, and wants to expand to new markets. They have chosen Unifaun to both make their logistics processes hassle-free, and have services accessible for all customers.

Breaking new ground together with Unifaun 

In the past year, Budbee has been able to grow rapidly together with their merchants and Unifaun. They have extended their delivery services to include Unifaun’s My Parcels, which is a free app that customers can use to easily follow packages

Rapid launch in Finland, thanks to Unifaun

Last autumn, Budbee launched their last mile logistics services in Finland, and the partnership with Unifaun was a game changer – Budbee’s existing merchants could smoothly and quickly start using Budbee’s services. 

Smooth onboarding has been crucial for our rapid launch in Finland, with zero development needed for our existing merchant base in Sweden –  they could just start shipping their packages with us from day one!

Nikola Mitic, Head of Partner & Implementation, Budbee

Unifaun DeliveryCheckout provides multiple shipping services 

Budbee sees that to be an innovative logistics company, it’s important that partners adapt to the market quickly by providing novel services which all sides can benefit from. An excellent example of this kind of innovative service is Unifaun DeliveryCheckout, which Budbee believes to be a future key success factor for merchants

Webshops can now offer more shipping options for their customers

With Unifaun DeliveryCheckout, merchants have access to multiple shipping alternatives, which they can easily make available for their own customers. Webshops can keep better track of ttransportation and postage costs, while their customers can choose the type of postage that they need. Everyone benefits!

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