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November 17, 2020
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Collector Bank strengthens its offering to e-retailers by integrating Unifaun in Collector Checkout.

Collector offers financing solutions for private and corporate customers and is one of the Nordic region’s leading suppliers of payment solutions for e-commerce companies and stores.

Collector is now taking yet another step and sharpening its offer to e-retailers by also including deliveries as part of the checkout experience.

“It’s extremely important to be able to offer options for both payment and delivery at checkout. If you can combine this with seamless customer identification, you can increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates. This is something we have succeeded in with Collector Checkout in collaboration with Unifaun, says Mikael Anstrin, General Manager Payments, Collector.

For customers, being able to choose the delivery option they are accustomed to using, or the one that suits them best, can be the deciding factor in a purchasing decision. Shopping carts are often abandoned because the customer’s preferred option isn’t offered. Collector has created a direct integration with Unifaun’s delivery engine, enabling the e-retailer to independently configure which delivery options will be displayed to the customer at checkout depending on a number of different data parameters, such as delivery zip code, shopping cart total, or time of day.

The first of their customers to use Collector’s delivery module is Topformula. After the initial usage phase, Topformula CEO Fredric Bolson had this to say about their experiences with the module:

“We are seeing a clear increase in both customer satisfaction and conversion.”

The delivery module is already integrated in Collector Checkout. To start using it, the e-retailer just needs to sign a separate agreement with Unifaun for DeliveryCheckout. The solution works for all of Collector’s markets.

“We are very proud that Collector has chosen to offer its customers even better opportunities for delivery satisfaction through this new function in Collector Checkout,” says Linda Wessman, Head of Partners & Alliances Nordics at Unifaun.

Find out more about the Collector delivery module!



Collector Bank: Mikael Anstrin, General Manager Payments

Unifaun: Linda Wessman, Head of Partners & Alliances Nordics




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