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December 8, 2020
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E-commerce company Bemz optimizes the purchasing experience by offering its customers greater freedom of choice for delivery, with help from Unifaun DeliveryCheckout!

Bemz is a global e-commerce company that manufactures custom covers and furniture legs for IKEA furniture. They are now offering their customers different checkout delivery options depending on where they live. Since the average weight per shipment is relatively high – about 4 kilos – and they have customers all over the world, it’s important for Bemz to be able to offer a range of delivery options. To achieve this, the company is now offering Unifaun’s solution for delivery options at checkout, Unifaun DeliveryCheckout.

The set-up is simple and optimized. Bemz has outsourced its warehouse to a 3PL company in Lithuania. The supplier already uses Unifaun’s Delivery Management system for transport scheduling and has given Bemz a profile login. Bemz has since integrated Unifaun’s DeliveryCheckout in its online store, which is built on the e-commerce platform Litium. So now when customers buy products, they can choose from among several different delivery options, depending entirely on where they are shopping from. Bemz then administers its orders via their profile login in Unifaun Online and passes them on to the supplier, which prints out labels and sends out the products. This enables Bemz to use Unifaun DeliveryCheckout solely as a standalone product, while their warehouse in Lithuania runs its own Unifaun Delivery Management integration with their ERP system.

“We’ve been using Unifaun DeliveryCheckout in our online store since spring 2019 and are more than satisfied. Because our products are quite heavy and we send them across the globe, it’s really important to be able to offer the best possible shipping options for each customer. And we can now do this with the help of Unifaun,” says Alfons Blomstedt, Chief Operating Officer at Bemz.

“Bemz has been running the DeliveryCheckout solution for about a year now and offering its customers the option to choose between different carriers, such as DPD and DHL Express. I am very proud and pleased that Bemz has chosen to let Unifaun help optimize the shopping experience by offering multiple delivery options in their online store,” says Markus Michelson, Head of Regional Sales at Unifaun.

With an emphasis on design, sustainability and conscious consumption, Bemz’s mission is to extend the life of IKEA furniture in a personalized way. All Bemz products are sewn to order, made in Europe, and follow EU guidelines for employment and environmental agreements.


For more information, please contact:

Markus Michelson
Head of Regional Sales Finland & Baltics
+358 40 76 21 611


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