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April 16, 2020
3 minutes

Erik Meyer



Always impeccably dressed and groomed, international Erik is a true European and loves being so. With a German father and Finnish mother, having lived in several countries, he feels at home in many places in the world.

To travel and being able to work in different languages all over the world is something Erik will always enjoy. He often finds himself looking for new challenges outside his comfort zone and is motivated by crossing borders, physical and mental. In fact, one of the years he´s most proud of in his life so far, is the year he did military service in Finland. He´s now a Lieutenant, so you better not mess with Finland.

Erik studied international economics focusing on logistics at University. He did an exchange year in Canada and an internship in Austria and has done some work towards Germany before landing at Unifaun. When not at work, Erik enjoys a long list of sports such as ice hockey, football, skiing and all outdoor activities and loves spending time in his family summer cabin in the Finnish archipelago.

What do you do at Unifaun?

-I´m trying to sell! I´m a Regional Sales Manager, working towards new and existing customers but also towards carriers and partners. I´m responsible for the central and southern parts of Stockholm. No day is the same in this job. The challenges you face can however be the same for one of Sweden´s largest company as for a small single person company. I try to focus on the best solution, regardless of the size of the company.

What do you like best about your job?

-I like being out and about and meeting new people. To not just sit by the screen all day but to meet our clients and help them use our system in the best way possible for them. I meet so many interesting personalities and companies daily in my job. I really enjoy building our ecosystem of partners and contacts this way.

What inspires you?

-I get inspired by seeing someone learn our products and create a trust towards us. I´m a pretty social person so I´m driven by being around other people. For me it´s very motivating when someone calls me because they have confidence in me. Both personally and professionally.

What is your favourite benefit at Unifaun?

-I´ve been trying to book a massage for a year but I´m never here. Haha! We have a good wellness grant and great dedication from the health committee to inspire us to enroll in different sports activities. We have a good community here. I´m away a lot but every time I get back to the office I feel very welcome.   

Tell us about a special talent you have.

-I don´t know about talents. But I would probably survive a week in the wilderness without complaint. I´m a simple guy.