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April 6, 2021
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The first product from the merger of Unifaun and Consignor

A completely new, updated and improved design of the Mina Paket app, the online retailers’, carriers’ and consumers’ best friend!

With more than 2,300,000 downloads and a rating of 4.8 on the App Store and Google Play, Mina Paket is the only app on the Swedish market that enables consumers to monitor their parcel deliveries regardless of the carrier. The app is now undergoing its biggest update since its launch three years ago. ​ 

In recent years, deliveries to companies and individuals have skyrocketed due to the success of online retail. The increase in deliveries has created a need on the part of both recipients and online retailers for better tracking capabilities. Before Mina Paket was launched in 2017, there were a number of different delivery apps on the market that were specific to either a carrier or an online retailer. What makes the Mina Paket app unique is that it is open to all carriers and online retailers, creating a better user experience for the consumer.  ​​

“We like the Mina Paket app a lot because it creates simplicity for both online retailers and their customers. We believe that transparency and simplicity ultimately benefit everyone in the industry.” – Jonas Lindell, CEO of DHL xxx 

The biggest update since its launch​​
The app is now undergoing a major update. The changes will give users a significantly better user experience due to improvements in both the design and the UI. It will also be possible to easily add functionality in the app. For example, it will be immediately apparent that in the new version, the flow for returns can be tracked the same way as previously was only possible for deliveries. ​​

“For us, there is no technical difference between creating transparency and oversight for the receiver of a product about to be delivered to the consumer as there is for a return back to the seller. But the strength here is being able to create transparency in this flow, which in the past was far from always the case with returns.” – Erik Åslund, Product Owner of Mina Paket, Unifaun

New flows are emerging, consumer to consumer

A lot is happening in relation to deliveries right now. One flow that is growing stronger is the “consumer-to-consumer trade.” This simply means one individual selling to another individual, with the transactions taking place over popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Blocket or Tradera. In many cases, a purchased item must be sent out by someone who is not as fluent in logistics and deliveries as an online retailer. With the new version of Mina Paket, it will be just as easy to follow “sent” deliveries as “incoming” deliveries. 

More perks for online retailers

In addition to new features for users, the possibilities for online retailers have also been improved. For example, you can market yourself by making your logo visible in the app. With the relaunch, you can also create targeted offers to increase add-on sales. When the parcels are delivered, the consumer can choose whether to provide feedback to the online retailer, the carrier or both, providing important feedback from customers at the moment of delivery. ​

“Mina Paket is a fantastic platform for testing new functionality. We are driven by actual data to offer online retailers the best and most effective ways to improve the delivery experience while increasing their sales.” – Erik Åslund

About Mina Paket

This app is developed by Unifaun in close collaboration with several of the leading carriers and online retailers in the Nordic market. ​

(This is only for the Swedish market.)

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