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December 11, 2020
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Gina Tricot chooses Unifaun Online for all logistics handling

Gina Tricot is a successful Swedish fashion chain with 180 stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, as well as e-commerce throughout Europe. “Lots of fashion for less money” has been the company motto right from the start in Borås in 1997, which it still lives by, with new product launches every week.

All of the products ordered via e-commerce are dispatched to customers throughout Europe from the central warehouse in Borås. Products are also dispatched to the stores from the warehouse, which handles the returns from the stores. There is a constant flow of new products, orders, returns and inventory refills that are sent on a daily basis, and the stores also send products to each other. To streamline the logistics as much as possible, Gina Tricot has chosen Unifaun Online to book all its shipments, print the right labels, and make sure that the right information reaches the carrier.

“When we were in the market for a new delivery management system, we set high requirements that it should be flexible and that we should be able to make the necessary changes ourselves. This was what we found in Unifaun Online. Thanks to its Saas solution, there is no limit to how much we can grow and the changes we can make ourselves without the support of expensive and time-consuming development.” Petri Ventelä, Head of Logistics, Gina Tricot.

Using newly built standard integration between Unifaun Online and the WMS® system from Consafe Logistics, Gina Tricot can now speed up its logistics and with less human error, saving both time and labor.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer Gina Tricot simplified logistics management with flexibility within the system and smooth integration with Consafe Logistics. Logistics is an enabler for businesses, and our objective is to be as invisible as possible so that Gina Tricot instead has the opportunity to devote time and attention to its customers and a first-class delivery experience.” Wictor Dennmyr, Enterprise Specialist Sales, Unifaun.



Wictor Dennmyr, Enterprise Specialist Sales Manager
Tel: +46 769 42 13 12

Gina Tricot:

Petri Ventelä, Head of Logistics
Tel: +46 33 799 1917

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