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July 6, 2020
3 minutes

Health and Sports Nutrition Group HSNG AB chooses Unifaun DeliveryCheckout

Health and Sports Nutrition Group HSNG AB, consists of,, and Fitness Market Nordic. HSNG is a leader in the sale of dietary supplements and health foods in the Nordic market, and it has been part of the Orkla group since January 2018.

In the course of changing platform to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, HSNG has chosen Unifaun as a strategic partner in order to improve the delivery experience and is now using Unifaun’s DeliveryCheckout for all brands and markets in the Nordic region.

Maintenance free over time

When HSNG AB decided to change to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, it faced choosing between the need to encode the logic of all conceivable transport services, or finding a product that offered most of the major transport services. Unifaun has previously validated address data at the time of booking with Gymgrossisten, Bodystore and Fitness Market, so it was therefore a natural step to bring forward and visualise this validation at the checkout.

“In terms of Go-to-market, it has previously taken three to six months to launch a new delivery method with API lookups. Now this can be made easier by activating them in Unifaun and then use the Unifaun DeliveryCheckout widget”, says Marcus Lindholm, Gymgrossisten.

The fact that Unifaun offers exactly a product that an e-retailer can configure without having to pay for consultation, which was a basic criterion for HSNG, was one of the reasons that made Unifaun’s DeliveryCheckout an interesting proposition. Developing and continuously maintaining a large number of transport services and additional services is costly over time.

“We are pleased to be able to offer additional added value to our customers. Unifaun DeliveryCheckout really does provide added value for Gymgrossisten, Bodystore and Fitness Market, and their end customers”, says Fredrik Warmark, Key Account Manager at Unifaun.

SVOSJ in Norway

One of the transport services that Gymgrossisten and Bodystore will be using is Svosj. Svosj was launched in Norway in 2019 and is one of the latest delivery options on the market that requires advanced API lookups based on several parameters such as postcode and email address, with validation even down to street address. This gives the end consumer the opportunity to subscribe to discounted shipping, and the service has some similarities to Amazon Prime. In this respect, Unifaun is at the forefront, and can offer Svosj in a simple and configurable way.

Supporting technology

Unifaun Delivery Management

Unifaun DeliveryCheckout – standalone widget

Unifaun “Link2Print” for returns management directly in the webshop

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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