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November 10, 2020
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Limitato now chooses Unifaun’s DeliveryCheckout to improve the customer shopping experience

Limitato is a Gothenburg-based company owned and operated by its founders, Gustav Peterson and Emrik Olausson. They came up with their business idea while they were studying at Jönköping University. This was to collaborate with world-renowned performers, artists, and photographers, and to print some of their works on clothing to be sold in limited editions. The clothes are sold worldwide, on the one hand through exclusive physical stores such as NK in Sweden and Harrods in the UK. Sales are also channeled through their own online store, which is built on Shopify.

To improve the customer shopping experience, Limitato has now chosen Unifaun’s solution for delivery options, Unifaun DeliveryCheckout. This will be integrated into the webshop checkout to allow their customers to choose exactly how their purchases will be delivered, and by which carrier and shipping method.

“I have collaborated with Unifaun before through another company where we implemented Unifaun’s DeliveryCheckout, and we are very pleased with the results. So now when we discussed how to enhance the customer experience with Limitato, Unifaun’s DeliveryCheckout was almost a matter of course”, says Eric Groop, Head of Marketing at Limitato.

One of the biggest names to collaborate with Limitato is Terry O’Neill. His creative fame has been at the forefront for over 50 years, and to name but a few of his works on sale through Limitato are images of legends of film and rock n roll such as Raquel Welch and the late David Bowie. The clothing used for the printing is of the very highest quality, manufactured by a family-owned company in Portugal. As well as using organic raw materials, it has very good employment contracts, which is very important for Limitato.

“We are very happy that Limitato will be getting started with our Unifaun DeliveryCheckout service. We are convinced that their customers will not only get clothes bearing art of the highest quality, but also a shopping experience of the highest level”, says Lars Karlsson, Sales Manager at Unifaun.

For more information, contact:
Unifaun AB
Lars Karlsson
Enterprise (e)Commerce Team

Limitato AB
Eric Groop
Head of Marketing

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