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February 15, 2018
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Lyko is responsive and flexible even on large volumes

“The best thing about Unifaun is that you never need to worry about it. The system works in the background. It is very useful” Anna Persson, Lyko

Lyko is a company with strong growth. They have grown by 30% per year in recent years and it looks as if this is going to continue. With around 500 employees, omni-channel sales in both e-commerce and stores that generate a turnover of MSEK 800 and 100,000 parcels shipped every month, it is crucial that all systems work without problems.

Anna Persson is responsible for storage, logistics and procurement at Lyko, and was in on the decision a little over a year ago that Lyko would develop how they use Unifaun Online.


“We want to be fast and flexible and able to add on new alternative means of transport when we want.” says Anna Persson

Lyko was a hairdressing company at the outset that has grown into an e-commerce firm. They merged with Bellbox in 2015 and have since then a network of chain stores with around 40 stores. Half of their turnover is through e-commerce and half through the stores. All deliveries are made from their central warehouse in Vansbro, Lyko’s home town where the founding family comes from. The head office is today situated in Stockholm but they still have an office and warehouse in Vansbro.

Right from the start, Lyko worked with Unifaun Online although indirectly. At that time, freight was booked using carriers’ accounts. It worked well but as Lyko grew, they wanted to offer more alternative means of transport and be more flexible, and therefore realised that it would be much better for them to have their own account at Unifaun.

Lyko started to book shipments through their own account with Unifaun Online at the start of 2017. They then implemented several new means of transport and made all the small changes in the system that they had longed for. As they themselves can configure their account settings with Unifaun, they can now always be responsive and flexible when it comes to customer wishes and changes.


As Lyko manage the system themselves, they can presently also choose among several other functionalities. Among others, there is the possibility to retrieve statistics on volumes and means of transport, which has been exploited by everyone in the company. They are also developing their checkout and looking at possible use of the PickUp Locator functionality, which gives customers the possibility to change the pickup point at the checkout.

Unifaun’s flexibility is important to Lyko. Having a personal contact has been very worthwhile and the fact that Unifaun has managed to develop some functionalities that Lyko requested has meant a lot.

Lyko also sees great value in Unifaun’s Mina Paket App.

“Many of our customers use it to bundle their deliveries. It’s a good, smooth-working functionality for customers.” Concludes Anna Persson

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