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June 13, 2014
3 minutes

Memnon Networks and Unifaun merge to create the largest Nordic supplier of transportation management systems

The two companies Memnon Networks and Unifaun merge and together create the absolute leading supplier of transport management systems. The merger is an important step towards creating one of northern Europe’s foremost actors within transport management. With the merger follows a plan to further strengthen both companies position on the Nordic market and truly expand the already strong position in the Swedish market to other parts of Europe.

Memnon Networks acquire Unifaun and the existing owners of Unifaun become part-owners in Memnon Networks. With the deal the two companies employ around 120 people in offices located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Norrköping, Malmö, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Åbo.

“The merger of Memnon Networks and Unifaun makes the companies by far the largest supplier of transport management systems in the Nordic region. The plan is continued strong growth in Europe. We know that size and resources to invest are crucial for long term success and with the combination of Memnon and Unifaun we now have the possibilities to really expand and grow both geographically and in system quality.”

says Martin Randel, CEO of Memnon Networks.

Together Memnon Networks and Unifaun supplies the most used transport management systems on the Nordic market. Some of these are: Web-TA, Memnon Apport, Unifaun Online, Pacsoft Online, DHL Multishipping, DSV e-services, Skicka Enkelt, Online Pakkeporto and Itella Smartship. The systems are used in over 75 countries worldwide and daily handles around 800 000 shipments. For the approximately 100 000 companies using the transport management systems, the merger means increased resources for development of the services, launch of new functionality and the next generation of transport management systems.

Staffan Isaksson, CEO of Unifaun explains:

”Memnon and Unifaun have developed side by side since the beginning of transport management systems. To unite is our way of changing gear in order to provide our existing customers an even better service and to seriously establish our business outside the Nordic region. We are both proud and happy for our customers, partners and coworkers that we now merge our companies into something even stronger.”

Both Memnon Networks and Unifaun will continue to exist as separate companies and trademarks in the Swedish and the Finnish market. Collaboration will be done in areas where benefits for customers can be found, that is areas such as product development and partner collaborations. In the continuous international expansion the focus will be to act as one company.

For more information, please contact:
Martin Randel, CEO – Memnon Networks
Phone: +46 70 – 528 53 72

Staffan Isaksson, CEO – Unifaun
Phone: +46 73 – 358 26 00

Memnon Networks and Unifaun together create the absolute largest supplier of transport management systems in the Nordic region and provide the most used systems in Scandinavia. Around 800 000 shipments are handled by the companies transport management systems on a daily basis and the joint customer base exceeds 100 000 companies in different sizes and areas. Memnon Networks and Unifaun have 120 employees in offices located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Norrköping, Malmö, Åbo, Helsinki and Copenhagen.