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March 4, 2015
3 minutes

Memnon Networks launch a new and modern version of DSV e-services


DSV e-services is DSV’s TMS system where their customers book shipments, print freight documents, follow shipment status etc. The service is one of the largest TMS systems on the market and has over 30 000 users in 27 countries who use the service in a total of 17 different languages. DSV e-services is based upon Memnon Networks platform and recently went through a major upgrade with improvements for DSV as well as for the user.

The user interface of DSV e-services has been upgraded and the user now has a coherent experience throughout the booking process, from DSV’s own webpage to the booking portal in DSV e-services. With the new DSV e-services DSV has gained a more user friendly service for their customers, improved processes internally and in addition to this they have also gained new ways to communicate with their customers.
Christian Lundback is Section Manager GCO & Mobile at DSV and responsible for the project at DSV. He says:

“The process of upgrading DSV e-services has run smoothly and I am truly pleased with our ongoing collaboration with Memnon Networks. When looking upon the end product of our recent work I can see that DSV e-services really is a market leading service and that we offer our customers a very good booking portal.”

The upgrade of DSV e-services is not only appreciated by DSV but by Memnon Networks as well. Jon Jacobsson is Key Account Manager for DSV at Memnon Networks:

“With the new version of DSV e-services I feel that DSV has the strongest TMS system on the market. They can now reach their customers in an interface where the customer works on a nearby daily basis. Since DSV use DSV e-services in all of Europe they reach over 30 000 customers in a both efficient and easy manner. As Key Account Manager for DSV I am naturally really glad to be able to offer them a service which provides those kinds of possibilities for communication and additional sales.”

For users in DSV e-services the work with building the new version has passed unnoticed as they have been able to use the service as normal. When the new version was launched the reactions from the users have been positive and several have commented upon the new and modern design.

For more information, please contact:
Jon Jacobsson, Key Account Manager – Memnon Networks
Phone: +46 70 – 780 98 28

Christian Lundback, Section Manager GCO & Mobile – DSV
Phone: +45 25 – 41 79 80

DSV is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions. We have offices in more than 70 countries all over the world and an international network of partners and agents, which makes us a truly global player offering services worldwide. By our professional and advantageous overall solutions, the approx. 22,000 DSV employees recorded worldwide annual revenue of 6.1 billion euro for 2013.

The Memnon Networks Group is the leading actor within Transport Management systems in the Nordic region. With over 20 years of experience we provide innovative and high quality TM-systems. Each day over 800 000 shipments are processed through our systems by 100 000 different companies. Memnon and Unifaun have approximately 120 employees in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Poland.