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January 20, 2015
3 minutes

Memnon Networks – now established in Poland


Memnon Networks is the largest company within Transport Management systems in the Nordic region and are on a rapid international growth plan. The latest development is that Memnon Networks recently set up an office in Warsaw, Poland under the name Memnon Networks Sp.z.o.o.

“Our offer to the polish market is something we believe to be very interesting for all companies that work within the logistics area. We have carrier specific booking portals for logistics service providers and carrier neutral solutions for transport buyers. Even though we are new to the market we already have several of the largest carriers in Poland connected to our service, and more are coming.”

Quoted above is Memnon Networks’ Country Manager for Poland: Mr. Krzysztof Mytnik. Mr. Mytnik has over 11 years of experience in sales combined with IT and supply chain and knows the Polish market for Logistics and Transport Management Systems very well. He was most recently the country sales manager for AXIT in Poland before taking over the responsibility for Memnon Networks’ in Poland.

“The first meetings with potential customers have confirmed that the entry into the Polish market was a good decision. Carriers and other logistics service providers as well as the transport buyers have all expressed a high interest in Memnon Networks’ system, and everyone we’ve met wishes to continue our discussions.”

Not only new customers are interested in Memnon Networks Polish establishment. Many existing customers have Polish businesses and are glad that they can use the same system in several countries. NTEX is an international carrier with offices in Sweden, UK, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Finland and of course in Poland. They say:

“We are using Memnon Networks’ Transport Management System in Sweden and are really excited about the fact that they are expanding outside their home base in the Nordic countries, with Poland as a new market. The system simplifies for us as well as for our customers when they book, print labels and follow up their shipments. Knowing the value the system generates for our Swedish business makes it an easy decision to start looking at using Memnon Networks’ system for our Polish business as well. ”

Transport Management Systems have up until now been available only for the very largest Polish companies. Memnon Networks introduce the system to a broader customer base and aims at helping carriers as well as transport buyers to make their logistics processes more efficient. Memnon Networks Transport Management Systems are an integrated part of the supply chain and by using the profound experience from shipping and logistics the company has built up during many years in the Nordic region, Memnon Networks is now focused on giving Polish companies the possibility to streamline their logistic processes.

“This is a new and exciting time for logistics in Poland and I look forward to delivering our service to the market. If you are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

For more information, see (in Polish) or contact:
Krzysztof Mytnik, Country Manager Poland – Memnon Networks
Phone: +48 728 – 866 800

The Memnon Networks Group is the leading actor within Transport Management systems in the Nordic region. With over 20 years of experience we provide innovative and high quality TM-systems. Each day over 800 000 shipments are processed through our systems by 100 000 different companies. Memnon and Unifaun have approximately 120 employees in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Poland.