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October 11, 2014
3 minutes

Memnon Networks provides companies with efficient Freight Cost Management with a new service

Memnon Networks have long been one of the leading innovators in the market. We continuously work with simplifying and improving the process of booking and administrating transports. Previous innovations have consisted of everything from enabling company branded notifications for smaller businesses to giving large companies the possibility to efficiently handle inbound shipments through advanced inbound solutions. From a broader perspective Memnon Networks has also been one of the leading actors in driving the EDI penetration in Sweden to the world leading level it is at today. As of now a new pioneering service within transportation management is released: Freight Cost Management.

Freight Cost Management gives companies the possibilities to overview and analyze their collected freight costs. The tool gives an insight in shipment flows, cost drivers and enables invoice control. Companies can gain control and reduce their freight costs as Freight Cost Management provides them with a broad overall perspective as well as detailed statistics. In short the service is based upon the fact that each shipment upon booking gets an estimated price calculated upon the unique transport agreement of the specific customer. This price is then compared to the invoiced price.

“Many companies want to reduce their freight costs but doesn’t know where to begin. It is difficult to take actions to reduce costs without knowing what drives them. This is where Freight Cost Management plays a significant role.”

says Leila Rosenstråle, head of Business Development at Memnon Networks. She continues:

“We have spoken to pilot customers who save an entire workweek in time and others who save up to 20 000 SEK per month in reduced invoices. These specific comments are from customers who have around 1500 shipments per month. However, we generally hear that the time- and cost reductions stemming from Freight Cost Management far succeed the initial investment done in the service. Naturally this is wonderful to hear and it means that we deliver a service that really creates value for our users.”

Freight Cost Management is already used by a number of pilot companies and is as of now launched to the market. Learn more about the new service

For more information, please contact:
Leila Rosenstråle, Head of Business Development – Memnon Networks
Phone: +46 73 – 091 31 35

Memnon Networks offers innovative e-solutions that simplify the users’ transportation management, reduce costs and increase the quality of business processes. Memnon Apport is Scandinavia’s leading system for transport management and is now used in 75 countries. Every day, more than 100,000 customers enter more than 300,000 packages in Memnon Apport.