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December 17, 2020
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MQ MARQET gives customers more home delivery options 

MQ MARQET has been continuously updating its e-commerce activities and, as part of these developments, are now offering their customers more options for home deliveries. The aim is to increase both customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

In their work to further evolve their e-commerce business, MQ MARQET, in collaboration with KnowIT, Viskan, DHL and Unifaun, have chosen to implement a new shipping selector, Unifaun DeliveryCheckout. This means that their customers can now choose the exact delivery option that suits them best. With this new solution, MQ can add and remove delivery options based on their customers’ wants and needs. In addition to the opportunity to choose additional delivery options, it is now also possible for customers to track and see the delivery status of their orders in Unifaun’s app, Mina Paket. All deliveries from MQ, regardless of carrier, can be tracked in the app. After each delivery, customers are given the opportunity to provide feedback on their delivery experience directly in the app. This enables MQ to collect valuable feedback from their customers.

MQ MARQET’s delivery options will gradually expand to include additional carriers and delivery methods, but at the moment, they are primarily using PostNord and DHL. The focus now is to be able to offer more home delivery options to their customers.

“At MQ MARQET, we have the customer’s needs in focus and our goal has been to optimize both e‑commerce and logistics. Thanks to Unifaun’s DeliveryCheckout, we now have a flexible solution that is both easy to administer and gives the customer great freedom of choice. It is exactly what we have been looking for,” says Mattias Liljenberg, Head of Digital at MQ MARQET.

With Unifaun DeliveryCheckout, MQ MARQET will also be able to deliver online purchases from their nationwide network of retail shops. The shops will further enhance the delivery experience for the customers.

“It feels really great that MQ has chosen to work with us and implement both Unifaun DeliveryCheckout and the Mina Paket app in their delivery experience. MQ MARQET’s decision to use our delivery management solutions is a confirmation that our products are relevant for today’s e‑commerce, and meet a demand from both consumers and e-retailers.” Lars Karlsson, Enterprise (e)Commerce Team, Unifaun.

For more information, please contact:

Unifaun AB

Lars Karlsson

Enterprise (e)Commerce Team



Mattias Liljenberg

Head of Digital at MQ MARQET

031 388 80 06

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