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November 3, 2020
2 minutes

Netthandelsgruppen continues its European expansion with Unifaun

Netthandelsgruppen is one of the largest e-retailers in Norway and continues to grow. The company is behind online stores such as, and, which have also had great success in Sweden.

To facilitate distribution of their products throughout Europe, Netthandelsgruppen is now opening a large new warehouse in Sweden, and to get ready for the opening, it was an obvious choice to bring on Unifaun as partner.

“Unifaun is the perfect partner as we open our warehouse in Sweden. Thanks to the scalable Saas model, we can get up and running easily without time-consuming consultation. And there’s no limit to how much we can grow with Unifaun, which is a prerequisite for us.” Johan Nordström, Head of Logistics, Netthandelsgruppen

Netthandelsgruppen plans to ship products across the globe from their warehouse in Sweden. To be able to do this, they needed a stable and connected Delivery Management system with the capacity for follow-up, statistics, modules to improve processes, cost controls and much more, in order to easily optimize deliveries.

“Netthandelsgruppen has been on an impressive journey and has grown significantly in recent years, and we are very proud to have been part of that journey. We are now looking forward with great anticipation to joining them on their continued journey with the warehouse in Sweden, and to continuing to create opportunities for growth.” Fredrik Warmark, Unifaun