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December 14, 2020
3 minutes

Partnership between Consafe Logistics and Unifaun

With its 400 employees, Consafe Logistics is Europe’s leading supplier of warehouse management solutions. The company provides sustainable solutions suitable for all warehouses, regardless of volume and complexity. Its main product is the Warehouse Management System – Astro WMS®

Astro WMS® customers consist of companies engaging in retail, wholesale or manufacturing activities, but also so-called 3PL parties who manage warehouses for other companies. What unites the customers is that they all depend on a system to optimise their warehouse operations.

One important function of a warehouse is to manage outbound shipments. As a company, you want the capacity to manage each delivery in a maximally optimised way. This often means using several different carriers with a wide range of delivery methods. The increasing consumer power within B2C also means that an increasing numbers of private consumers expect different options at the digital checkout, which will then be processed in both the warehouse and dispatch. This is where Unifaun comes in. With a well-developed library of carriers with over 10 000 delivery methods, Unifaun’s business customers can choose their preferred delivery method for their orders.

Optimising warehouse operations requires the integration of a Delivery Management system, such as Unifaun Online, as well as a WMS, such as Astro WMS®, and this is exactly what we’ve now done.

“All of our customers need to process shipments. As with other warehousing operations, it’s a question of handling that part of the process with as much operational efficiency as possible, while maintaining fulfilment of customer promises on delivery”, says Mikael Brorsson, Product Manager at Consafe Logistics.

Consafe Logistics and Unifaun have co-existed in the same markets for a long time, and have collaborated on a “case by case” basis to meet common customer needs. But a deeper partnership hasn’t been initiated until now. The new collaboration has been launched by Consafe Logistics implementing an advanced integration with Unifaun, which creates the conditions for the fast, simple and cost-effective implementation of the integration by all of the companies using the Astro WMS® and Unifaun Online products.

Gina Tricot is first to benefit from the new integration. With its 180 stores and extensive online sales, Gina Tricot handles all of its warehouse management and shipments through Astro WMS® and Unifaun Online.

“We are very pleased and proud that Consafe Logistics has chosen to build an integration with Unifaun and initiate a deeper partnership with us. We know that we have many common customers in both the Nordic region and Europe who will now be able to benefit from an efficient bridge between our various products”, concludes Wictor Dennmyr, Enterprise Specialist Sales Manager at Unifaun.


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Wictor Dennmyr, Enterprise Specialist Sales Manager
Tel: +46769421312

Consafe Logistics:
Mikael Brorsson, Product Manager
Tel: +46 46 280 04 27

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