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April 16, 2020
3 minutes

Saša Dimitrijević



A QA Engineer at day and a Thai boxer at night, Saša Dimitrijević is aiming for a title in the Swedish Championship of Thai Boxing. He´s been training for 10 years and still has 6 years to go until the normal peak of a Thai Boxing professional which is around 30 years old.

Saša has always had a technical interest and focused his high school on maths and computing. He later studied to become a QA engineer to get to work with something he likes. Saša grew up in Bagarmossen, Stockholm, with a father from Serbia and a mother from Chile, and has from early childhood spent most of his summers in the village in Serbia where his father’s family is from. It is their summer cabin, only further away than usual summer cottages, in a small village where everyone knows everyone.

What is your job at Unifaun?

-My role is QA Engineer which stands for Quality Assurance. My main task is to test our product, making sure new development keeps up to the standard and existing functionality works well. We work in an agile way which means we have an engineer in every team. I am part of Team Foundation and Team Core.

What do you like best about your job?

-I like that our tasks vary. It´s challenging in a fun way and pretty free and independent. It takes some discipline to handle that, to make sure you do your tasks, but it fits me really well, I appreciate the freedom. At the same time I´m never alone, I have great colleagues and there´s always someone that can help if I´m stuck.

What inspires you?

-Productivity. To be able to look back at what I´ve done and be proud of it. It´s a good feeling when you develop as a person and know that what you do today will take you to something even better tomorrow. 

What is your favourite benefit at Unifaun?

-The wellness grant that contributes to my training. I have a membership at my Thai Boxing club plus a membership at the gym which adds up to quite a lot, so the grant really helps.

Tell us about a special talent you have.

-I guess that would be Thai Boxing. I train a lot right now because the qualifying matches for the Swedish Championship starts in January. To qualify for that is the first step towards international matches.