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January 19, 2016
3 minutes

The new Unifaun – merger of Memnon Networks and Unifaun


Unifaun and Memnon Networks merged during the spring of 2014 in order to jointly create the leading TM-supplier in northern Europe. Since then, the growth has increased and two new subsidiaries have been established in Poland and in Norway. In order to continue the expansion and become even more distinct in the market we are now taking another step in our merger and together create the new Unifaun. This means that we from now on will have one company name – Unifaun. We have also updated our logotype and graphical profile to better reflect the modern company we are today. Furthermore we are merging our websites into one ( to simplify for our customers and partners to view our range of products and services in one place.

The new Unifaun has strong growth plans and Martin Randel, CEO says:

“Our ambition has always been high. We want to offer the best solutions in the market and continuously improve the logistics processes of our customers and partners. We want logistics and freight to be an enabler for business, not an obstacle.”

One of the reasons for merging Memnon Networks and Unifaun was a significantly increased pace of change in the market. This change of pace is mostly driven by an increased level of e-commerce. The receiver of a shipment is often an end consumer who has high requirements on his/her shopping experience. This ongoing change is strongly affecting different actors within the logistics industry. We believe that the pace of change will increase further and in order to be able to continue delivering innovation we need an organization with sufficient resources.

Another important reason for the merger was to create the possibility to support the digitalization of logistics in the rest of Europe. Memnon and Unifaun have together driven the digitalization of the Nordic market and the usage of EDI to the world leading level it is at today. We are now actively working on bringing this knowledge outside of the Nordics.

We will continue to have two carrier neutral solutions on the Swedish market; Unifaun Web-TA and Unifaun Online. The first of these was re-launched in a new and modern version during the fall of 2015 and the second one (Unifaun Online) will go through a similar update in the end of January 2016. We also deliver the largest and most used customer portals for freight bookings to some of the most important actors on the market, such as PostNord, DHL and Bring Frigo.

For more information, please contact:
Martin Randel, CEO Unifaun
Phone. +46 70 528 53 72

Unifaun is the leading actor within Transport Management systems in the Nordic region. With over 20 years of experience we provide innovative and high quality TM-systems. Each day over 800 000 shipments are processed through our systems by 100 000 different companies. Unifaun has approximately 130 employees in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Poland.