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January 19, 2021
2 minutes

The online store has chosen Unifaun to supply Delivery Management and Delivery Checkout

The solution includes cloud-based digital transport administration solutions – Unifaun Online Plus, the checkout solution for various shipping options – Unifaun DeliveryCheckout, and API integration with their e-commerce platform Magento 2, and also Microsoft Business Central, their ERP solution.

“We decided to go with Unifaun’s solutions because they have a modern platform that supports the shipping services that we want to offer to our customers. We also placed emphasis on an innovative checkout solution offering enormous flexibility that gives us the option of ‘Floydifying’ the customer journey. We’re looking forward to launching our new online store in 2021 with Unifaun on our team!”, says Preben Nesheim, development officer at

The online store opened its digital doors in 2011 and is now one of Norway’s leading online fashion stores for women. The online store is run from Holmestrand and currently employs 30 committed staff, led by general manager Guro Forseth Smith. sells a broad selection of over 30 famous brands – clothes, footwear and accessories. Everything you’ll find at the online store is hand-picked from large collections so that we can offer a pre-selected range of items to our customers. The parent company, FLOYD AS, is a family business that was founded in 1985. The group now comprises the FLOYD brand sold in 18 FLOYD Concept Stores, 30 FLOYD franchise stores, the online store, and 200 independent resellers all over the country.

“We feel that the e-commerce market is developing strongly, and e-commerce stakeholders make stringent demands when it comes to flexible delivery options and good control over their online checkouts. This is driven directly by consumers, and they’re making more and more stringent demands of online stores. That’s why it’s really great to see that an online store that’s as big and as famous as has chosen to ask us to supply their solution,” says Alexander Hoff, Regional Sales Manager at Unifaun.





Alexander Hoff, Regional Sales Manager

+47 41572515


Preben Nesheim, Development Officer

+47 97522146