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January 18, 2013
2 minutes

Unifaun AB supplies TA system to PostNord

Unifaun AB, one of the Nordic region’s foremost experts in providing IT solutions for information logistics, has been supplying TA systems to the Swedish postal service, Posten AB, since 1997. Now PostNord has signed a new agreement with Unifaun to use the TA system Pacsoft Online also in Denmark.

Gothenburg, Sweden (4 July 2012) – PostNord was formed in 2009 through the merger of Post Danmark A/S and Posten AB. They will now be offering customers in Denmark the same transport administration system they offer in Sweden. For Gothenburg-based company Unifaun AB, this agreement means that over 12,000 new customers will be handling their shipments in their TA system Pacsoft Online, totalling about 500,000 shipments a month.

”Pacsoft Online is a tried and true system that Posten in Sweden has successfully offered its customers for several years. The system is one of the best on the market, and will make it simpler and more efficient for our customers to handle the shipment portion of their business,” says Carsten Dalbo, Head of Logistics at Post Danmark.

Pacsoft Online is a TA system that makes it simple for a customer to print out shipping labels for Posten’s domestic and international shipments. With Pacsoft Online, customers can also keep track of the shipment’s route from sender to recipient, and generate reports and statistics for follow-up and planning. It also automatically supplies Posten with all the information they need to distribute shipments reliably and on time.

“Here at Unifaun, we’re proud and happy that PostNord has chosen us as supplier for TA systems in Denmark, and see this business arrangement as an important reference for our expansion in the Nordic region. For many years, we have been developing and producing a complete and stable product designed for this type of business, so we are confident that PostNord will be satisfied,” says Anna Olivegren, CEO at Unifaun AB.

PostNord was formed in 2009 through the merger of Post Danmark A/S and Posten AB. The group offers communication and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic countries and has an annual turnover of approximately SEK 40 billion and over 40,000 employees. Operations are conducted in the business areas Mail Denmark, Mail Sweden, Logistics and Strålfors. The mother company is a Swedish public company headquartered in Solna, Sweden. Read more about PostNord at