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April 5, 2016
3 minutes

Unifaun and PipeChain connect order and transport management in a unique solution


Many large companies struggle to achieve full visibility into their supply chain and to connect order and transport management. This is especially true for inbound delivery notifications and shipments from suppliers, but also for many outbound delivery and transport flows.

Historically, companies have been trying to link these processes through ERP systems, but the challenge has often been that ERP systems are not built to be able to rationally deal with transport and/or order-to-delivery status. Something that has become painfully clear to the companies that have failed in these projects.

Unifaun (specialists in Global Transport Management) and PipeChain (specialists in Global End-to-End Order Management) decided last year to address this need, regardless of the ERP system used. The companies are delivering a unique solution that connects the transport process with the order process, Inbound as well as Outbound.

“Over the years we have met lots of companies that due to functional organizational areas have handled transportation management in a silo, while purchasing and order management were handled in another silo. By combining the two into one common integrated process, you release substantial values. Something that we, together with Unifaun now offer “, says Hans Berggren, CEO of PipeChain.

The joint solution creates unique advantages, particularly within control and visibility, when orders can be tracked in one system regardless of where in the chain the “order” is, even when the order is on its way to you in a transport. Other benefits of the solution are lowered transport costs, less need for buffer stocks and the opportunity to improve the planning of production.

“For many years, we have delivered systems that help our customers optimize their inbound transports on a very large scale. Together with PipeChain we take it a step further by linking the entire transport chain with the supplier order process. And the best part is that this is not a “monster” project of ERP implementation dimensions, but based on the integration of standardized services from Unifaun and PipeChain. A normal roll-out will take a few months, not years”, says Roland Jansson, Sales Manager at Unifaun.

For more information, contact:

Roland Jansson
Sales Manager – Unifaun
Tel. +46 704 274941

Robert Jansson
Business Area Director – PipeChain
Tel: +46 46 329002

Unifaun is the leading actor within Transport Management systems in the Nordic region. With over 20 years of experience we provide innovative and high quality TM-systems. Unifaun’s TM-systems are used in over 76 countries and each day over 800 000 shipments from 100 000 different companies are processed through our systems. Unifaun has approximately 130 employees in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Poland.

PipeChain is a leading supply chain management software company with more than300 customers in 20 countries. Our solutions help companies to increase sales and decrease costs through automating and visualizing supply chains end-to-end. PipeChain’s solutions support efficient collaboration processes like forecasting, order fulfillment and delivery and are cloud-based. PipeChain enables both customers and suppliers to work towards the same KPIs making it easier to discuss and make improvements while deepening more effective collaboration.