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February 19, 2019
2 minutes

Unifaun Apport Enterprise becomes Unifaun TMS!

We have been serving our customers for over 20 years and shippers with complex needs have always been a priority. We are now stepping up and launching Unifaun TMS as a direct result of a strategic decision to invest even more in our solutions for these customers.

Unifaun TMS is the Connected transport management system, delivering Visibility and Control – in the Cloud, Instantly.

We are Connected because it’s in our DNA to connect; with hundreds of carriers and forwarders, with the business systems of the shipper and with a wide range of complementing partners.

We deliver Visibility and Control because we believe in the power of an iterative approach and continuous improvement. Visibility helps our customers see and understand their transport operations and Control enables them to act on the improvement potential they find. Over and over again.

We are in the Cloud and have always been so. Since Unifaun TMS is offered as a service, our customers don’t have to worry about maintaining or updating servers and software. It’s all included.

We deliver all this Instantly thanks to a pre-configured and shared environment and in-house implementation experts. For us, implementation is a strength.

Johan Hellman, Product Manager Unifaun TMS

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