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January 26, 2021
3 minutes

Unifaun DeliveryCheckout used by Blomsterlandet to launch new e-commerce website giving customers the power to decide over their deliveries!

Blomsterlandet launched its new e-commerce website in February 2020, with the support of Valtech e-commerce agency. The new website is built in Episerver with the front-end built in React. The goal was to launch a new solution with the capacity to meet the needs of tomorrow’s customers as well as to develop Blomsterlandet’s online customer offering at the same time. During the spring, when the pandemic became increasingly evident, Blomsterlandet launched a service whereby customers could order online and collect their orders outside the store, a so-called drive-in solution. In order to quickly gear up and offer the drive-in solution at the webshop’s checkout, as well as have the facility to seamlessly introduce new delivery options, Blomsterlandet chose to implement Unifaun’s delivery selector, Unifaun DeliveryCheckout. The result has been a success!

“We’re very happy that we launched our new e-commerce website before the outbreak of the pandemic, because some customers understandably choose not to visit the stores due to COVID-19. Now we can still be of assistance to our customers as they can easily buy their flowers and plants online. Our customers have been very appreciative of how well the drive-in solution has worked, which has been made possible because we also implemented Unifaun DeliveryCheckout”‚ says Tirdad Zadeh, E-Commerce Manager at Blomsterlandet.

Blomsterlandet has been selling flowers and plants since 1989 and is now the largest in Sweden, with a chain of 61 stores and e-commerce. The company offers many different types and sizes of plants and many of them need to be handled with care when shipping. In addition to the drive-in solution, Unifaun DeliveryCheckout allows customers to now choose the option that suits them best. Blomsterlandet also has the facility to easily add, change and control texts and messages about the delivery options at the checkout without additional development.

“By challenging ourselves, listening to our customers, and using digital aids to drive change, we have truly succeeded in sharpening our customer offering. The combination of strong e-commerce with a range of delivery options, allowing customers to choose themselves, is working flawlessly. This is of course one of the factors that has contributed to a better customer experience and an improvement in the conversion rate”, Tirdad continues.

“Unifaun DeliveryCheckout is an attractive solution that truly enhances the shopping experience. We are pleased and proud that Blomsterlandet has now given us the chance to help them with this”, – Maria Lundmark, Key Account Manager at Unifaun.


Maria Lundmark
Key Account Manager at Unifaun
+46(0)703-20 47 67

Tirdad Zadeh
E-Commerce Manager at Blomsterlandet