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March 11, 2020
3 minutes

Unifaun innovates to reduce transport emissions

The key value proposition of Unifaun’s Transport Management System (TMS) is to give shippers visibility and control over their transports. The priority of Unifaun´s customers has always been to reduce cost, improve operational efficiency and minimize inventory. These are still the main reasons for investing in a TMS, but there is now one more as important reason – reduce transport emissions!  

Emission Tariffs is an innovative way to calculate emissions using the proven format from traditional transport cost tariffs. The concept is developed in close partnership with the Network for Transport Measures (NTM), who will calculate the tariffs and vouch for the methodology, and Ovako, who will be the first TMS customer to take Emission Tariffs into use. Ovako will start out focusing on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), from well to wheel.  

Step one to reduce emissions is to understand and measure the current emission level from transportation in a reliable way. Step two is to do something about the emission level and in practice use better and more sustainable transportation options. Unifaun’s TMS customers will now be able to go all the way thanks to the integration of emission parameters with current tools for visibility and control, such as Analytics and Carrier Select.  

“We have been working with Unifaun over the past three years and implemented their Transport Management System across our production units in Sweden and Finland. Unifaun’s TMS made it possible to go from reactive to becoming proactive in our transport management, reducing cost and improving the service quality. We are now very excited to start taking emission fully into account in our decision making, actively steering our volumes to the best transport option from a sustainability perspective. This is aligned with Ovako’s strategic position as one of the most sustainable steel producers in the world”, says Ted Lundström, Head of Logistics at Ovako.  

“The purpose of NTM is to establish common methods across the transport industry to measure emissions in a consistent and credible way. Thanks to our cooperation with Unifaun and the way they will integrate emissions as a decision factor in their TMS will our partners be able to not only measure but also actively reduce their transport emissions”, says Magnus Swahn, Managing Director NTM.  

“This is a strategic shift for Unifaun TMS. We have historically been focused on the traditional cost driven business case for TMS investments, but we now want to take a new approach and make transport emission reduction the main priority. Several billions worth of freight is managed through our TMS every year and we believe we can make a real difference by making our TMS the Green TMS”, says Johan Hellman, Product Manager Unifaun TMS.  

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Johan Hellman, Product Manager Unifaun TMS


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