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February 8, 2016
1 minute

Unifaun’s 2015 – highlights

The year of 2015 was very eventful for Unifaun. We established 2 new companies on new markets, recruited several key competences and grew alongside with our customers and partners.

Some highlights from the year was when we…

  • during the year handled 206 million parcels in our services! This is an increase with almost 20 million parcels from 2014.
  • arranged a fully booked seminar about Inbound logistics where around 70 logistics managers mingled and learned more about the hidden potential in inbound shipments.
  • launched a new booking portal which gives carriers the possibility to offer simple transport booking and printing of freight documents directly from their own web page.
  • during the record month of November handled 19,1 million parcels.
  • launched a new and modern design for Unifaun Web-TA and DSV e-services.
  • spoke at a number of large events where we shared our experiences from logistics and supply chain.
  • on the 30th of November handled 1 046 625 parcels in 24 hours.
  • donated money to WWF, UNHCR and neuroscience.
  • spent around 90 000 hours at developing and improving our services.
  • had users in our services spread over nearly 80 countries globally.

We are now looking forward to 2016 and the possibilities the year will hold for us and for our customers!