End of support for Magento 1

juni 8, 2020 Nyheter

When new versions of software are released, older versions are maintained for a period of time, but after a time ended. The software version has then reached End of Support. At that point no more features will be released.

But the major problem is that no security patches are released, which leaves the web site vulnerable to threats and malware. Magento 1 will reach EOL 30th of June 2020.

The time to upgrade is here!

If you are currently using Magento 1 it is time to upgrade. The obvious choice would be to upgrade to Magento 2. The new Magento cloud-hosted version has more than 2000 available extensions. Among them, the valuable extension to Unifaun, making deliveries excel. Whether your choice is to update to Magento 2 or choose another system, rest assure, Unifaun has an extensive network of partners that provide plugins to the leading e-commerce platforms.

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End of support for Magento 1