TM for Partners

“Can I book my shipments in your system?” You surely recognize that question and maybe you’ve already helped some of your customers with complex connections to different carriers. With a connection to Unifaun’s TM-systems you can offer your customers integrated transport management through a standardized interface without any need for special adjustments.

What is TM?

TM is short for Transport Management and is as such a form of communication between a consignor and a carrier. As a partner to Unifaun TM stands for a way to provide your customers with the possibility to book and handle their freight in an integrated way.

An integration, also known as a freight module, means that the customer’s transport information is transferred from your system to Unifaun’s TM-system, whom in turn handle the communication with the relevant carrier. The customer thus has no need to keep the information in two places but can easily book their shipments and recieve freight documents, shipment status and other relevant information directly from your system. With a connection to our TM-systems you can provide your customers with great value, without the need for time- and money demanding special set ups for each customer.

Why is this good for me?

You sureley have a lot of customers in need of booking and following up on their shipments. Maybe your customers aer handling this in a separate system today and maybe the’ve even asked you if there is a possibility to handle their freight in your system? By connecting to Unifaun’s TM-system you enable just this. An integration makes it easy to book and follow up their shipments directly in your system.