Unifaun's TM-systems

Give your customers access to the market leading TM-systems – connect to Unifaun!

Unifaun is the leading supplier of TM-systems in northen Europe. Apart from our carriers neutral services we also provide the official TM-systems for several large carriers. Some examples of these services are DHL Multishipping, Pacsoft Online, DSV e-services, DB Scenker Skicka Enkelt and Bring TA-Connect. We are dedicated to continously developing our services both in terms of functionality and available carriers, and in terms of security and system development. In other words, as a partner to Unifaun you guarantee that you provide your customers access to the leading TM-systems now and in the future.


Functionality for the customer

Unifaun’s TM-systems are developed for our customers to be able to grow within the service. In other words, we want companies to be able to grow in both size and turnover without logistics becoming an obsticle. That is why users in Unifaun’s TM-systems always have access to a broad range of functionality with the possibility to add further functionality when needed.

As a partner to Unifaun, you can offer your customers:

Book shipments

Your customer can book their shipments with +100 connected carriers through Unifaun’s TM-systems. We ensure that all communication is correct (including EDI) and that your customer recieves all relevant freight documents and other information he or she needs.

Follow up on shipments

We ensure that your customer is updated with the latest shipment status as soon as the shipment is booked. We can also offer your customer a number of different notifications where a message is sent through email or sms when a certain transport event occurs. Perhaps your customer wants to notify the consignee when a shipment os on it’s way? Or perhaps they want to recieve a notification if an end customer hasen’t collected their parcel from a delivery point? Choose the appropriate notification depending on your customers’ specific needs.

Simple administration

An important part of most cloud based services today is usability and a possibility for the customer to handle their account themselves. Unifaun’s TM-systems are no exeption and have a range of functionality for this purpose, such as address books and templates.