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We have everything you need to digitalize your transportation and to make sure your deliveries run smoothly.

Everything you need to excel in logistics

We have products for every stage of your delivery and transport management journey. We deliver products designed specifically for particular industries, as well as products that are universally applicable. We are confident that we can deliver the product that fits your needs and makes you excel in logistics.


Connected roads

The core of our products

The core of our products is that we digitalize the information needed around transport. This makes the shipping process more effective and more environmentally friendly. There are many different parties involved to make a transport and its delivery work smoothly. Our systems will make sure that the correct information is available for the right party at the right time. This is not only essential for your operations efficiency, it´s also the key to making great deliveries.

Unifaun Online

Get to know why Unifaun Online
is the most used Delivery Management
system in Scandinavia.

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Unifaun TMS

Get to know Unifaun TMS and learn
about the brand new insights you
get with Unifaun Analytics.

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Learn why delivery choices in
your checkout are increasing
conversions and repeat purchases.

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My Parcels

Get to know why +1 million
Swedes have downloaded the
leading multi-carrier app for deliveries.

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The great ecosystem of partners ensures
the availability of Plug&Play integrations
to your other systems for improved efficiency.

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Carrier library

Choose your preferred carriers from
our extensive carrier

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