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Unifaun DeliveryCheckout

Increase conversion by giving your customers delivery freedom.

Make package delivery easier for your customers

With today’s hectic lives, people like to choose where their packages are delivered – to the office, to a pick up point, or at home. In some areas it can be a great advantage when the package gets delivered by a specific carrier. This advantage often depends on how extensive the carrier agent’s network is.

With Unifaun DeliveryCheckout you can give your customers more freedom of choice. Each webshop customer can choose between the different shipping options that you have defined. For increased conversions.

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Give your customers the delivery options they want

Let your customers choose from multiple shipping options.

Add connections to over 100 carriers with the click of a button.

Fully integrated solution from webshop to delivery.

Increase conversion and purchase frequency.

Plug & Play for lightning fast implementation

Together with a number of selected partners, we have developed Unifaun DeliveryCheckout as a Plug & Play module. This means that you can easily be up and running with an excellent freight checkout within a few days. We work continuously to expand the number of Plug & Play modules, and currently cover some of the largest e-commerce systems in the market.

If you use any other system, or have more advanced logistics, we recommend a customized setup. In practice, this means that an integration is set up where you can optimize the checkout’s look and feel and functionality.

What our customers say

“It’s important for our customers to easily choose where and when they get their packages delivered. By using Unifaun DeliveryCheckout we can offer them this freedom of choice, which we think is great.”


Fredrik Persson Chief Digital Officer, Stadium   

“Our priority has been to get started quickly with the least possible friction. We want to be able to offer the delivery options that end customers want in each market and language. And we now have that opportunity.”


Carl Orvinder Chief Technical Officer, Revolution Race

How it works – example

In Stadium’s webshop, their customers place an item in the shopping cart just as they have done before. When the customers move on to check out, they fill in their postal code.

The postal code is one of several variables that can be used to control which delivery methods should be displayed at check out for a particular customer. Other examples of variables that can guide the delivery selection are how much the items in the shopping cart are worth, what time of day the purchase is made, or what the weight of the goods is at check out. More variables are possible and all of these can be combined.

The postal code in the example shows four delivery options, where the most likely option is the default. If the customer chooses another postal code, the delivery options will also change.


As soon as the customer completes the order, the transport booking is generated together with the associated shipping documents. Everything is done automatically, without manual work, and the customer receives the delivery exactly according to the choices made in DeliveryCheckout. Easy peasy!

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