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Keep your customer experience on track

My Parcels is our market leading delivery tracking app—it’s got a 4.8 rating on the App Store and Google Play. Customers can track deliveries from warehouse to their house so you can reduce service calls, increase repeat business and watch your brand value skyrocket.

An end to end ecosystem of simplification

My Parcels improves and simplifies tracking for everyone. We consider the needs of consumers, e-tailers, carriers and even software developers—it has a really simple to integrate API— when creating My Parcels.

  • Consumers can easily track all deliveries, within the Unifaun system, from a single app.
  • E-tailers reduce time-wasting service calls, increase conversion and build brand love.
  • Carriers join the leading carrier collaboration network in Sweden and Finland.
  • Developers connect to our well-documented and straightforward MyParcels API.
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Leverage the user love

My Parcels has a 4.8 rating on the App store and Google Play. Our users love it, and they’ll love you on it.

We developed My Parcels in collaboration with leading carriers in Sweden and Finland to leverage their knowledge of consumer and carrier needs.

Consumers are able to track all deliveries on one app and stay updated about changes and delivery status through push notifications.

And it’s not locked for deliveries in the Unifaun system. Consumers can track most packages shipped with DHL Freight, Bring, DB Schenker and numerous other carriers.

It’s open to anyone who wants to join and we’re constantly connecting more carriers to the app.

And although My Parcels is currently only available in Sweden (Mina Paket) and Finland (Paketit) it’ll be available in Norway and BeNeLux soon followed by a wider European rollout.

Easy delivery tracking

My Parcels is quick to download and easy for your customers to use. Push notifications about order and delivery status keep them updated and connected to your brand. And convenience factors such as allowing a friend to collect the package build great customer experience.

Consumers are able to track all delivery in the Unifaun system, and almost any delivery shipped with DHL Freight, Bring, DB Schenker and a number of other carriers, all in one place. Very many users in Sweden and Finland are using My Parcel to stay connected to their favorite retailers.

Track all shipments easily and quickly in one app.

Allow someone else to collect a package using BankID (Sweden only).

Leave feedback immediately after picking up a parcel.

Increase profitability

Create brand building customer experiences, increase conversions and keep customers coming back without eating into your profit.
My Parcels lowers all costs related to order tracking, our basic package is completely free and from only 199 SEK you can increase your brand awareness in the app.

Lower service costs

Decrease customer service calls related to delivery tracking by 19-27%.

Display your logo in the app

 My Parcels Plus makes your logo visible for all deliveries in the app.

Get instant feedback

My Parcels Pro gives you instant customer feedback on each delivery.

Increase conversion

My Parcels Ads is our most extensive package and gives you exclusive opportunities to display unique offers in the app.

Ensure first rate deliveries

My Parcels is widely used and highly rated by consumers — A 4.8 rating on both major app stores.

So by our network you’re connecting to a huge customer base, ensuring delivery information is relevant and up to date, and building great delivery experiences to gain a competitive edge. With consumers now choosing their preferred carrier at checkout, that competitive edge is crucial.

Reduce SMS and notification costs through direct communication via My Parcels.

Use BankID to identify consumers (Sweden only).

Connect using our modern API

Our API is well-documented and straightforward, you can check it out by clicking below.

We’re continuously developing MyParcels to make it even easier to use. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us!


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