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Unifaun Online

Fulfill your customer promise by making every delivery count.

Unifaun Online

Thousands of shippers in the Nordics trust Unifaun Online with their daily shipments. We support them, and you, through each step in the delivery, making it easy for you to be in control. And to help you keep your customers happy.

We know booking, printing and tracking are fundamental for deliveries. Unifaun Online always provides correct transport documents and status information, regardless of carrier.

We offer two different subscriptions and multiple valuable product add-ons & plug-ins to most ERP, eCommerce platforms and WMS. With a proven uptime of 99.97% and high scalability, we offer you a system that supports you far into the future.

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Fulfill your customer promise by making every delivery count

Connect once,
reach all

  • One solution for all your deliveries and returns regardless of carrier.
  • Easily add carriers and services with a fully compliant label library.
  • Print labels on demand regardless of carrier.

Onboard easily,
grow as you go

  • Get going in minutes, pay for usage only and add functionality on demand.
  • Highly adaptable to your users and business processes.
  • Scale your business easily, we process more than 1M shipments on peak days.

Reduce errors,
keep up speed

  • The most reliable cloud solution with new functionality every second week.
  • Full validation of carrier business rules to minimize hassle and manual errors.
  • Experience excellent user interface and print performance.

One source,
different views

  • A single source of truth for delivery.
  • Gain insight into the entire delivery process from all perspectives.
  • Plug in all the market-leading ERP, eCommerce platforms and WMS for turn-key integrated solutions.



Daily parcels


Pick up countries

Standard and Plus

Choose the subscription that suits your company best. You can upgrade or downgrade whenever you need.

In both Unifaun Online Standard and Plus, you can always:

  • Book and print shipments with the carriers of your choice.
  • Handle returns.
  • Maintain your address book.
  • See your shipment history.
  • Plug-in to most ERP, eCommerce platforms and WMS.

With Unifaun Online Plus you get additional valuable features such as email pre-notification and guest access, as well as access to all our Plus add-ons.


Unifaun Online Plus add-ons

Branded email pre-notification

Add logos or messages to your notification emails to strengthen your customer connection.

Branded track & trace

Extend the feeling of your brand by adding logos or messages to tracking pages.

Profile management

Streamline your work routines and reduce cost by assigning different profiles to users or departments.

Item directory

Include item information in your shipments for efficiency and simplified shipment document handling.

Consolidated shipment

Lower your costs and save time by merging daily orders to the same receiver into one shipment.

Price review

Store your shipment prices to simplify cost sharing, invoicing and follow-up.

Scheduled shipment report

Be in charge of your business by selecting what and when you want reports about your shipments.

Delivery time report

Become more efficient and service minded by monitoring the time it takes for your shipments to reach your customers.


Improve your packing process by adding all physical prints on one single document, including advertising and return label.


During the last 20 years we have connected a tight ecosystem of shippers, carriers and system providers. The system providers connect their system with Unifaun, making it effortless to deliver for you. The majority of the integrations are Plug&Play, meaning that you will be up and running in no-time. There are proven integrations available for the most used ERP, WMS and eCommerce platforms on the market.


  • Automation helps you to spend less time handling shipments.
  • Handle everything around your shipments in the main system interface.
  • Decrease the number of mistakes made by reducing manual data entry.
See available integrations

Can’t find a plug-in or wish to do the integration yourself?

If you are handy enough you can develop your own integration. We offer a modern REST API (APIConnect) that we recommend for cloud solutions and a server application (OnlineConnect) for XML files that suits on premise solutions.

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Choose the subscription that suits your business best. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Both subscriptions give you access to the carriers you need.

The price consists of a monthly subscription fee including one carrier and a 100 shipments. There is also a monthly volume-based price, which depends on how many shipments have been created.

Unifaun Online Standard

Monthly subscription fee (incl. one carrier)
12.50 EUR/month

Additional carrier
+ 7.50 EUR/month

Unifaun Online Plus

Monthly subscription fee (incl. one carrier)
30 EUR/month

Additional carrier
+ 15 EUR/month

Unifaun Online Standard and Plus features

Check out what you get with the different subscriptions and what features you can add.

If you have more than 3,000 shipments per month, contact us and we will find the best solution for you.

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Feature Unifaun Online Standard Unifaun Online Plus
Labels, dangerous goods declaration, physical and electronic customs declaration, shipment lists and manifests, waybills

Carrier library

Import or create address book

Shipment and parcel status

Shipment history

Pickup booking

Return management

Printing favorites

Batch printing

Search favorites

Email pre-notification

Guest access

Track & trace

Link to print

Export address book

Export shipment history

Price enquiry

User profiles 2 10
Registered receivers 10,000 30,000
Shipment history extract Available as add-on Available as add-on
Profile management 10

Available as add-on
Profile management 50

Available as add-on
Branded email pre-notification

Available as add-on
Branded track & trace

Available as add-on
Item directory

Available as add-on
Price review

Available as add-on
Scheduled shipment report

Available as add-on
Consolidated shipment

Available as add-on
Delivery time report

Available as add-on

Available as add-on
OrderConnect, incl. APIConnect and OnlineConnect 20 EUR/month, One-off fee 250 EUR 20 EUR/month, One-off fee 250 EUR
Shipment and parcel status via API Available as add-on Available as add-on
Customized layout Available as add-on Available as add-on

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