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Unifaun TMS

Industry market leaders rely on our scalable SaaS solution to handle complex transportation management tasks. Let our cloud software solution show you how easily you can optimize your shipments.

Our connected TMS delivers visibility and control in the cloud, instantly

Leaders rely on us

Leading companies within manufacturing, contract logistics, food and beverage, spare parts and wholesale rely on Unifaun TMS to gain complete control and insight in logistics-related activities.

Built on carrier connectivity, our transportation management software gives you operational book-print-track processes, correct transport document printing, status tracking and much more.

Our software as a service (SaaS) system is neatly packaged into separate modules. You pay for what you need, so it’s easy to get started quickly and gain fast returns on your investments. Our system also scales, which is proven by the hundreds of millions of euros spent on of freight that our customers manage annually through Unifaun TMS.

Join the industry leaders and get complete visibility over all your transportation activities!

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"Unifaun’s TMS made it possible to go from reactive to becoming proactive in our transport management, reducing cost and improving the service quality."

Ted Lundström

Head of Logistics at Ovako



  • Operational efficiency
  • Freight cost reduction
  • Inventory reduction
  • Supply chain simplification
  • Sales increase

Modular, scalable, and highly configurable

Unifaun TMS is modular, scalable and highly configurable. You can select the modules you need now, and add more as you grow your business. Our multi-tenant SaaS solution is always up-to-date, secure, and stable.

You have a large library of pre-connected transport services and our no-code carrier connect framework at your service. Thanks to our no-code framework, we can set up new EDI connected carriers, complete with order/booking, documents and status at a fixed cost.

It’s all about the core

With the Core module you can book, print, and track your shipments, as well as manage outbound, inbound, direct or return flows. The software’s user interface is easy to use. Users inside and outside your organization can quickly get started. The extensive administration framework puts you in control, so you can smoothly manage changes and make adjustments.


  • Pre-connected carrier library with thousands of transport services, including carrier compliant transport documents.
  • Instant global implementation on a scalable SaaS platform.
  • Secure service operations environment.
  • Proven up time above 99,97% , see the proof on our status page!

Additional modules

The Connect module connects Unifaun TMS to your other systems and makes your operations more efficient.

The connection is made by an integration. This can be anything from a simple standard integration with automatic upload of transport information, to advanced integrations with a built-in business logic, and instant data and status push-back to your internal systems.

We can easily integrate to medium range systems (MS Dynamics NAV, IFS, Monitor) and leading WMS providers (Consafe, Ongoing Warehouse), as well as to major enterprise level ERP’s (SAP, Oracle, Infor M3). We also have ready-made plug-ins that you can order directly from our ERP partners.


  • Fast implementation through standard APIs or mapped formats.
  • High speed printing, locally or globally.
  • Sharing of logistic information via instant data and status push.

The Cost module manages monetary transportation costs, and with Emission Tariffs also environmental costs.

With this module you can choose the right carrier based on emissions, cost and lead time. You can also make sure that your organization and your material suppliers follow the carrier nominations made in your agreements.

The  module helps you reduce freight related costs with its real-time and extensive reporting capabilities.


  • Proactive freight cost and emission reduction with optimal services based on current agreements using Carrier Select.
  • Reactive freight cost and emission reduction by identifying and correcting mistakes/misuse including freight invoice matching.
  • Fast and easy tender realization and roll out via centralized configuration.

The Network module supports simpler transportation management when you have multiple physical sites.

The Network module lets you organize your transportation management solution so that it corresponds to your supply chain. Giving each role and user the right information at the right time. Users with very specific tasks can access only the data they need, and users with broad responsibilities can see and access everything.


  • Control Tower to view and update consignments centrally.
  • User specific accounts and role management for easier collaboration between internal and external teams.
  • Direct access to consignment collaboration pages, so users can view and contribute with information regarding specific consignments.

Put your customers in control! The Customer module includes a set of features that enhance the delivery experience for your customers, ultimately making delivery a competitive advantage for you.

Keep your customers up-to-date with customized notifications using e-mail or text messages. Give them full control by integrating Unifaun DeliveryCheckout in your webshop – just as relevant in B2B shops as in B2C shops. And use our mobile app, MyParcels to communicate status events directly to your customers.


  • Consumer mobile app for status tracking or direct links to a shipment status page gives your customers insight and reduces administrative costs.
  • Unifaun DeliveryCheckout puts your customer in control and improves your conversion rate at checkout, while increasing revenue.
  • Communicate to your customer base with branded notifications.

The Report module gives you valuable transportation data through multiple ways.

Benefit instantly by using our unique built in Unifaun Analytics, powered by Qlik Sense. Or let us provide you with the data you need to build your own data warehouse and your own business intelligence applications.


  • Advanced integrated business intelligence provides you with instant insights in routes, carriers and volumes. You will never have to make decisions blindly again.
  • All relevant data about consignments, status, costs and emissions can be exported to feed external data warehouses and BI solutions.
  • The Analytics platform is highly adaptable and makes it easy to build customized reports and measure specific KPI’s. You can also share your reports with your carriers for mutual benefit and improvement.

With the Tailor module you can promote your brand to partners and customers.

Most shippers use standard transport services that are defined by the carriers, in line with each carrier’s service offering. In some cases it’s better for the shipper to turn this around and define services that are consistent across a wide carrier base.

We call these Shipper Defined Services, and they are set up using our standard, no-code framework. This means that you as a shipper have the full tool box at your disposal and can define validations, addition services, carrier communication methods, documents and status capturing.


  • Tailored branding for promoting your brand to partners, customers and suppliers.
  • Easier collaboration with shipper defined services.
  • Improve processes with documents adapted to internal and external needs, including Mobile status for end-to-end tracking.

Easy to implement

The large library of pre-connected carriers guarantees smooth implementation and fast return on investments. And the no-code carrier connect framework & Unifaun’s in-house implementation professionals are just as important.

  • A multi-tenant cloud platform means that the infrastructure is already in place and you can get started immediately.
  • A dedicated project manager supported by a project governance structure means that you have a single point of contact and a clear escalation path.
  • Ability to apply custom mapping on incoming and outgoing messages decreases dependency on your own internal IT resources.
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Innovations that make a difference

Unifaun Analytics

Built on Qlik Sense technology, Unifaun Analytics is a powerful tool that helps you visualize your transport data. With intuitive and interactive drill down charts, Unifaun Analytics will give you brand new insights!

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Emission Tariffs

Emission Tariffs is an innovative way to calculate emissions. When using this feature, you can measure your emissions and also take emissions into account for every single booked consignment. That is really the true meaning of Every Delivery Counts.

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