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If you use Qliro One, you can easily add all the functionalities from Unifaun DeliveryCheckout. This means that you can offer your customers freedom of choice where each customer in your web shop has the opportunity to choose between the different delivery options that you have defined.

Unifaun DeliveryCheckout - Now fully integrated with Qliro

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With Unifaun DeliveryCheckout and Qliro One, you as an e-retailer get the best of both worlds. The relevant delivery and payment options for your customer.

The customer puts his/her items in the shopping cart just as usual. When the customer enters the checkout, they are asked to fill in their postal code.


Being able to offer delivery options in a smart and simple way in Qliro One not only increases the conversion, but also the general buying experience of the end customer. A satisfied customer will return.

Kim Blomkvist, 
Head of Merchant Products at Qliro
A fantastic solution that increases customer satisfaction!
Multiple carriers
Access to the market's most popular delivery options.
Relevant delivery options
Decide which delivery options should be displayed for each customer based on several data points.
Increase conversions
Individual delivery choices increase conversion and create satisfied customers who return.

How it works



The postal code is one of several variables that can be used to control which delivery methods are to be displayed at the checkout for the specific customer.

The postal code in the example shows three delivery options, of which the most likely option is default. 
When the customer has completed the order, a transport booking is generated together with the associated shipping documents.

Everything is done completely automatically and the customer receives the delivery exactly according to the choices made in the DeliveryCheckout. Smart and simple!



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