Integrate with your systems

Nowadays it is more and more common that companies want to decrease the number of systems and services used. It is tedious to handle and administrate the different systems and most would like to gather all of their work in one and the same system.

You are most likely working in some form of ERP- system, e-commerce platform, WMS-system or other system where you have transport information today. With an integration you can connect Unifuaun’s TM-systems to your system and in that way automate your transport bookings.

An integration minimizes the manual labor, reduces the risk of mistakes and makes your transport booking more efficient. Most companies have a lot to gain on using an integration but if you have large volumes of shipments an integration can have a massive impact on your transport management.

Different ways to integrate

We have a number of ready-made standard connections where you don’t have to do any adaptations to start working with your integration. These standard connections are offered in collaboration with our partners.

If you have the need for a specially adapted integration with Unifaun’s TM-systems we offer the possibility to build a customized connection. For this you often need an integration consultant and you can choose to hire us at Unifaun or your own ERP consultant for setting up the integration.

If you are knowledgeable within technology and want to set up an integration to our TM-systems yourself, we have a standard interface for you to use.

All of our transport bookings are completely automatic. We practically make no manual bookings, that would be unsustainable and we would probably have to quadruple the number of personnel.

Jonas Mattsson, Scan NDC