TM for shippers

As a shipper you usually have a lot of transport related information to handle. It is information such as contacts to carriers, different addresses, customer accounts, and follow up on shipments and much more. With Unifaun’s TM-systems you can fast, easy and efficiently handle everything concerning your shipments, all in one systems.

What is TM?

TM stands for Transport Management and a TM-system is thus a transport management system. In its most simple form it is an information hub between you and the carrier. You fill in your transport information and book your shipment whereas the carrier replies with status updates and other information regarding the shipment. It is not more complicated than that.

Why is this good for me?

If you’ve never used a TM-system you will quickly discover just how much value the service provides. Through a TM-system you will gain control, overview and efficiency regarding your transports. When logged in to the service you can book shipments, print freight documents, follow up on shipment statuses, analyze statistics etc. There are over 100 carriers connected to our service and new ones are continuously connected. In other words, you can use Unifaun’s TM-system to handle all of your shipments, regardless of which carriers your use.

It is very handy to be able to log in and check the shipments no matter where I am. I often do it at the hotel when I’ve returned from a meeting with a customer. It is priceless to have everything in the same place.

Joakim Cedegren, IP Group