​Eson Pac makes every delivery count with Unifaun TMS

juni 29, 2020 Nyheter, Pressreleaser

Eson Pac provides solutions for the pharma packaging supply chain, that are engineered with cutting edge knowledge. Their vision is to safeguard human life, through competence fueled packaging.

As a vital part of the pharma supply chain, Eson Pac is well aware of the importance of excellence in every step of their own supply chain including transport management.

We chose Unifaun TMS because we wanted a solution that supports the operational needs at each of our production sites while giving us central visibility and control over our carrier’s performance and our freight spend. Quality is everything to us and we must ensure that we make every delivery count, says Patrik Hedlund, Group Procurement Manager at Eson Pac Group.

The fact that Unifaun TMS is a fully cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with pre-existing carrier connectivity has made a fast implementation at multiple sites possible.

With Unifaun Analytics we have been able to map our transport pattern and manage our shipments in order to be more cost efficient, says Christine Svensson, Strategic Purchaser at Eson Pac AB.

Eson Pac’s attention to details and quality makes them a really awarding customer. They are fully focused on delivering to their customers and with Unifaun TMS they can monitor their deliveries and carriers and find the best solution for each customer, says Lars Karlsson, Sales Manager, Unifaun.

​Eson Pac makes every delivery count with Unifaun TMS