Mobile Status

Easily add your own status events to your shipments for maximal visibility and control. Works with any mobile device.

Works with common smartphones

Instant status capture

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Do you get enough status updates on your shipments? 
Many of our customers feel that the transport statuses provided by the carriers are not sufficient to obtain wanted visibility. With Unifaun Mobile Status you can easily capture as many status events as you want. As there is no need to download, install and login to a special app to scan, it’s easy to roll out Mobile Status over a wide carrier base, or to use it on one-off shipments. All the driver, or your own staff, needs to report status is a standard smartphone.

Define your own events 

When you set your own statuses you are in
total control rather than being dependant on the carrier

With Unifaun Mobile Status you define the events that should be tracked giving you total control and visibility

The use of any mobile device to scan QR codes makes the roll-out easy and efficient, no matter the number of users

Plantagen use Unifaun Mobile Status to increase control over their delivery reliability

Plantagen sells plants and all related products. They have 46 stores in Sweden, 80 in Norway and 14 in Finland with a turnover of just under SEK 4 billion. The central warehouse is located in Trollhättan where around half of the range is stocked, so-called dry goods. In addition to this, there are 4 hubs in Scandinavia, Holland and Germany, which deliver plants to all the stores.

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