Unifaun Emission Report

In todays business we all need to be concerned about our environmental footprint. As a part of this awareness, from 2017 larger Swedish companies are obliged to include more extensive sustainability statements in their annual reports. These reports should among other things include: Energy usage, Carbon dioxide emissions and Particle emissions.

To be able to provide relevant information to your company within this area, Unifaun has partnered up with The Network for Transport Measures (NTM). They are a non profit organisation aiming at establishing a common base of values on how to calculate the environmental performance for all various modes of traffic, including goods transport.

What you get in the emission report

We will provide you with a report based on actual shipment data with weight, distance and transport mode. All shipments are geo-coded, and therefore we can calculate distances. The report will be delivered as an excel or csv file and contains total emission (”well to wheel”) divided by relevant climate gases and pollutants.

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We are proud to help our customers understand their total emissions by offering one total report, based on one consistent method, for all of their shipments

Johan Hellman, Head of Professional Services, Unifaun

Companies that meet two of the following criteria need to include an extensive sustainability statement in their annual report:

  • More than 250 employees
  • More than 175 MSEK(18 MEUR) on the balance sheet
  • More than 350 MSEK(36 MEUR) in net revenue
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