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Webinars - Unifaun TMS

We at Unifaun have developed this webinar series specifically for those who want to know more about our Transport Management System, or who are already working in it. The purpose of the webinars is to give you inspiration and tell you more about smart functions and solutions that can help you improve your Transport Management in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way. 

The webinars are always free of charge and will start at 10:00 CET, unless another time is stated, and last up to 45 minutes. There will be room for questions at the end. Sign up by clicking on one of the buttons below for the dates that suits you the best. 

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Unifaun TMS Reporting module offers insight and puts you in control. Measurement and KPI:s help you understand performance and areas of improvements.

In this webinar we will present the benefits of visualizing your transport data. We will demonstrate different use cases in depth to show you the amazing Unifaun Analytics experience.

Collaborative TMS - Essential in creating visibility


Why collaboration is essential for successful transport management

How Unifaun TMS is used for collaboration

Why the use of a ready-made SaaS TMS is a must for fast and broad implementation

Managing a large network with many different stakeholders is a tough task. Unifaun TMS Network is a module within 
the TMS suite that enables easy and effective collaboration. 

Each stakeholder can easily access and edit consignment data according to their role. Meanwhile you centrally get full control and visibility by using the Control Tower.

Why it is important to analyze your transport data
How to visualize your data using Unifaun Analytics

How to follow the emission of your shipments

Johan Hellman
Product Manager, Unifaun TMS

Our hosts

Per Larsson
Product Owner, Unifaun TMS

During the webinar Unifaun will tell you more about:

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Optimize your selection of transport services with Unifaun Carrier Select


How to implement new agreements instantly 
How to choose optimal transport service  
How to take control over a complex supply chain

Are you paying the optimal freight cost? 
Are there any possibilities to reduce your freight costs through simple adjustments? Is the shipment optimized in an emission perspective? These are questions that are often difficult to answer.

In this webinar you will learn  how to use your tariffs to steer carrier service selection and choice of optimal transport service through Unifaun Carrier Select.

During the webinar Unifaun will tell you more about:

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Emma Stigenberg
Product Owner, Unifaun TMS

Collaborative TMS – a hands on demo


What the new consignment list pages look like and how they work

How Unifaun TMS can be adapted for different roles

How the features of Unifaun TMS come together in one collaboration platform

You may have heard us talking about collaboration and the need for visibility and control in your delivery chain. Now it’s time to stop talking and start showing! Our Product Owners Emma Stigenberg and Per Larsson will take you through a demo of our brand new consignment list pages and explain how Unifaun TMS supports collaboration and can be adapted for different roles.

 During the webinar Unifaun will show you:

Use your TMS to reduce emissions, not only costs!


An innovative way to calculate emissions from transportation in a fast and reliable way. 

How to use these calculations to meet reporting needs and track progress over time. 

How to actively steer daily transport decisions based on emission parameters.

More and more companies are realizing that transport related emissions are a large part of their total environmental footprint. At Unifaun we want to help our customers do something about this.

We are working on an addition to our TMS that will enable users not only to measure emissions but to also actively work to reduce them.

Please note! This webinar starts at 14:00 CET.

 During the webinar Unifaun will show you:

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